Drive your desktop toward the Kaizen standards of neatness, cleanliness, and orderliness.

The Kaizen philosophy is drawn from the Japanese word kai which means “continuous” and zen meaning “improvement” or “wisdom”. The Kaizen management philosophy, therefore, is defined as making “continuous improvement”—slow, incremental but constant. It is but surprising that the same Japanese words (kaizen) denote “the action to correct” in Chinese. It is a method that strives toward perfection by eliminating waste. It eliminates waste by empowering people with tools and a methodology for uncovering improvement opportunities and making change. Kaizen understands waste to be any activity that is not value-adding from the perspective of the customer.

Kaizen is an approach to total quality management which can be described as continuously improving by making small improvements, mainly in process, every time the process is seen not to be as good as it could be.