There are strong and proved evidences which portray the real picture of Mohenjodaro ( literal meaning in the Sindhi language is the Mound of Mohen ( Krishna ). This is not "mound of dead". This Civilization was of Krishna and his successors. The famous Unicorn Bull is the icon of Krishna himself. This evidence is recorded in the Mahabharata.  With the help of Brahmi - Phonecian and Armaic scripts, Dr N Jha, had given more than a decade earlier the Sanskrit reading of the various Mohenjodaro seals including agni ; indrah and so on.

After the demise  of Krishna, Bajranabha, was made as successor of the Saraswati Province, which Krishna was commanding. This place is recorded in the Mahabharata as  Sakraprastha. Bajranabha  in the memory of his grandfather undertook many activities in the vast Sarasvati Province including the construction of the present    Dwarkadhish temple and the name Sakraprastha was named after call name Mohen. Latter on Sindhi started calling it the Mound of Mohen.

Great India had recorded brilliant literatures, but still Colonial minded historians are not able to shed from the distorted facts what the Colonial history  taught Indians some  more than 200 years ago. From Mohenjodaro to the present Mehargarh in Baluchistan  is symbol and evidence of Indians presence, which says that the two nation theory of Jinnah was wrong and creation of Pakistan is not any State but State of artificial mind, which has no base and existence. Real India  stretches towards Mohenjodaro to Baluchistan crossing vast land of India. 

 History says that the borders of any nation do changes after every 50 years. One day the borders of India shall melt with the artifical dividing line at Baluchistan  and the history books quite taught at school level, will hold the fact that in the Civilization of Krishna, horse is relevant. One with open mind should compare Horse seal of Dr Jha - This is not fabricated but real horse seal; horse and Krishna can’t be separated. The entire Kurukshetra war is the testimony of horse and Krishna with lot of horse readings on Indus seals; evidence of Kriya - Yoga ( Compiled by Patanjala ) - Mohenjodaro was known as Great seat of Kriya Yoga with Krishna himself as Great master on the subject; Great Seal Library - where compilation of the Vedic words Nighantu is seen  and many other things associated with Krishna. 

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Birendra K Jha



The Lost City of Unicorn is, in fact, the discovery of Krishna in Mohenjodaro & Dwarika. It gives us glimpses into the manifold aspects of Krishna, popularly known as Unicorn. Krishna was a King by accident, a great thinker & above all a great yogic science expert. Krishna was a versatile genius, who becomes popular in Asia & Europe, through the symbol of Unicorn. In Europe, Krishna intermingled with the Greek version of Heracles or Hercules, covering some more mythical stories.


The Lost City of Unicorn considered as a whole is a curious jumble of historical facts, some of them, which are unknown to the historical world. The plot of Mohenjodaro reveals the cosmopolitan mind of Krishna. There are various interesting episodes related with this site. The Sumerians had connection with Maghan. But historians have no idea, where this Maghan is? This is the corrupt name of MOHEN ( City of Mohen ).  The popular beard man of Mohenjodaro in yogic meditation posture, with typical hair band crown, is nothing but Krishna himself, depicting one king with profound knowledge of the Kriya - Yoga.  Latter this beard man appears as Heracles (the Greek term for Krishna) in various ancient Indo Greek coins, what Greek ambassador Megasthnes has cited in the Indica. 

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