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This message is to inform you that statements and explanations about "Calendar Theory" and "Jyotish Vedanga" have become obsolete and wrong. The corrected versions are available on the following websites:

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Whereas the "Necropolis Theory" explaining the nature of Indus excavation sites as Necropolises remains valid. Only, the passing of time will bring forth the truth. I am maintaining this old website just to show the thought process through which the final success is obtained. Details and statements relating to various other issues dealt in this website are valid and correct.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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Corpus of Indus seals and inscriptions 
By Asko Parpola
Published by Archaeological survey of India


New Interpretations for old symbols
I have published a book on Indus Valley Civilization with the title "New Interpretations on Indus Valley civilization". A brand new theory has been proposed in this book stating that Indus sites are necropolises (burial sites) and not metropolises as popularly imagined so far. Further, the Indus scripts have been deciphered and Indus code has also been explained.

All the 13 chapters of this book have been presented in this web site under the following web pages:

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--offered by 
the author- 
Jeyakumar Ramasami
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Do you want to know more about origin of our ancestors? Follow this link to National Geographic site on "Atlas of Human Journey":

Bengt Hemtun gives deep insight meanings to the Mesopotamian seals and European Nordic inscriptions:
( His pen name is 

Vigilance site
Incometax site
IVC site-2

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Evidence of Vedic and Sanskrit influence on Indus script
Origin and spread of Sanskrit - Article by Jeyakumar -
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Power point presentation of two theories on IVC -

Free Download of the book:

There are five main points in this book, they are as following:

1.This book supports the view that IVC people were from Middle -East (Iraq and Anatolia) and 
not of local origin.

2.The Indus -sites are necropolises (burial grounds) and not megapolises as popularly imagined so far.

3.The inscriptions on seals refer to month and date of annual death ceremony (Thithi--it is a logo-gram. 
 (symbols indicating "Mee"--"Vu" sound) 

4. Corroborative evidences for Indus symbols are found in Jyotisha Vedanga

5.The Indus seals are deciphered.

Corrections: (19/12/2013)

Now, i should correct two of the above given points after the new findings on "Indus Script"

I should correct my statements to the extent that the above given points number 3 and 4 have turned out to be a wrong conclusions.

The Indus inscriptions are giving details about the animals sacrificed and not "Thithi Dates" as claimed by me in earlier essays.

Follow my second website for  more Information and corrected version:-

 Address for contact:
Jeyakumar Ramasami,IRS(Rtd)
Raj Sesh Mahal,
34, Bharathi Ula Road,
Race course,
Tamil Nadu,
India -625002.

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 Book Review ---By--

Critical evaluation on Indus Civilization: 
             Steve Farmer, Michael Witzel,  and Richard Sproat have together propounded a theory  that Indus people were illiterate people. This kind of remarks comes because still we have not found a proper meaning for Indus scripts. It is high time that Indian government should spend some money on Indus research and encourage Indus script decipherment efforts.
 Views of  Steve Farmer and others are available in the following web-site:
Latest views of Steve Farmer and his associates can be seen in this Groups blog:

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Additional resources on
 Indus research
TIFR group.Mumbai.

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