Vision, Mission & Quality Policy
Our Mission
To provide innovative and exclusive manpower staffing services to our clients in all functional areas enabling them to maximize their resources.

To identify the strength, skills, talent and knowledge of the job seekers and to put them into optimum use, thereby create a congenial atmosphere in the organisation.

Quality Policy
At IndusBee Technology services, our biggest promise to our valued customers is our commitment on quality. IndusBee Technology service provides HR Consulting Services that are intended to enhance the overall capabilities of the organizations we serve. All of our services are delivered as an integral part of a formalized Quality Management Plan that focuses on continuous improvement and utilizes client feedback to improve internal process and the competency of our consultants and support team.


We work hard like a group of bees gathering sweet honey. We aspire to bring the best through our association for everyone. Established In the year 2007, by Shri K Babu, a senior consultant in Human Resource Management , with a view to provide people to people commitment and enhance relationship between Management and employees. 
Shri K Babu is a retired Police officer, and was awarded Presidential Police medal for meritorious service in the year 1999. His experience and expertise in various fields of management, especially in the field of Human Resource Management and personnel management are utilized optimously 

Core Group
An Elite group of experts and dedicated MBA Professionals working to achieve excellence every were with all their activities being result oriented and job oriented to focus on an over all development of all who are associated with them.