Thought ( विचार सामग्री )

The loud noises of I, me and mine plan our life when we cease to pause and reflect.
हलचल बाहर हो, मन में नहीं; गति दृष्य में हो, द्रष्टा में नहीं; मन निश्चल रहे द्रष्टा स्थिर !
कर्म जीवन है वृक्ष का, समर्पण विशिष्टता है उसी के शहद से मीठे फल की !


With thankful spirit in perpetual feast,

It is then child; your silence is complete,

Without any questions and desire to speak,

When listening is complete then God will speak.


Achievement of the body is to accomplish a task.

Achievement of the intellect is to discern facts.

Achievement of the mind is to settle in the silence.

--Indra (Dhir) Wadehra