I am pleased to announce the release of my first book,
निस्तब्ध उपस्थिति, Quiet Presence.  This is a selection of poems written in Hindi about experiences in silence, spirituality and surrender as I moved away from India.  I am overwhelmed with the support I received in the process of publication, book-analysis, reviews, media coverage etc. I can never express His grace that I felt during this visit. Revered poets & a great novelist attended the book launch and that to me was a great news.

Sadhana channel has already shown 20 minutes of
book launch, "Door darshan" radio-station has interviewed me & they will broadcast it soon. Uday India magazine has interviewed me & will publish it soon. I shall begin writing my column with Saadhana Path (a magazine) soon.  God is behind this all. Three people who worked tirelessly are: Suman, Anil Ji & Santosh Ji. I would want you to meet all three in the next visit, not just one!

I am thrilled to be compared to such great personalities as Kalidas, the greatest poet of India till today, Meera, the greatest devotee of God, and Saint Sudama, Lord Krishna's friend. Do I deserve it? I do not know. I attribute the whole thing to His blessings. I would say, 'I am blessed.'

If you would like to purchase a copy, please click on the link below.