Hi! Welcome to my site.

I am currently doing my first postdoctoral researcher job at the Department of Psychology at Harvard University with Mina Cikara and Fiery Cushman. I received my doctorate in 2016 from International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy under the supervision of Giorgia Silani.

My primary interests lie in moral judgment and decision making, prosocial and altruistic behavior, and the role of various sociocognitive and socioaffective abilities (e.g., empathy, theory of mind, emotion regulation, etc.) in making such judgments. In addition to studying moral cognition in healthy individuals using neuroscientific methods (fMRI, psychophysiology, etc.). I also study clinical populations and sub-clinical personality traits (autism, alexithymia, psychopathy, multiple sclerosis, etc.) to investigate current models of moral cognition. Recently, I have also started applying computational modelling approaches to understand moral learning.

In addition to my research interests, I am also actively involved in package development in the R programming language as part of my effort to be part of behavioral sciences community outreach.

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Curriculum Vitae

Up-to-date (Last modified: 10/2018) CV can be viewed here: CV

R Packages

As a hobby, I also like making R packages that (I think) are helpful to the behavioral sciences research community.