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I have become an enigma to myself. And herein lies my sickness. (St. Augustine)

As a dreamy teenager growing up in India, I wished to be a Theoretical Particle Physicist, so I did my B.Sc. (Fergusson College) and M.Sc. (University of Pune) in Physics. When I realized Quantum Field Theory was not for the weak-hearted, I decided to switch tracks and try my luck in biological sciences.

So I acquired Ph.D. in Social Cognitive Neuroscience in 2016 from the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in scenic Trieste (Italy) under the supervision of Giorgia Silani. My thesis focused on the neural and psychological basis of moral judgment and decision-making.

Although I did like impressing my friends with flashy brain images, I decided to leave neuroscience (and Italy) behind and did postdoctoral research in social psychology - first at Harvard University (USA) with Mina Cikara and Fiery Cushman and then at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Germany) with Iyad Rahwan. During this time, I focused on using computational methods to model behaviour, and also on applying lessons learned from psychology to ethical issues arising from new technologies.

While all of this was happening, in the back of my mind, I had come to realize two things: (1) I wanted to live in Europe; (2) Academia wasn't for me. What I truly enjoyed - and what gives me a sense of purpose on this planet - was building software that the global community of researchers finds useful (or so I hear!). And that's how I ended up pursuing a career in software engineering. Currently, I work as a Software Engineer at esqLABS and work on free and open-source software for Systems Pharmacology.

But, who knows?! Revisit this page in 10 years, and I might be living on a different continent and doing something else.

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