Info Riches

Review on Dan Kennedy's Info Marketing Business Training Program

(1) What is YOUR vision and prediction for where the Future of Information Marketing is headed?

This question is being asked by Rob “The Genie” Toth to the panel of experts as part of info product creation being develop as supplement to Dan Kennedy’s info-riches Future of Info Marketing launch on Mid November this year.

The other 2 (two) questions being addressed are these:

(2) What is your #1 success tip for anyone considering information marketing or already involved?

(3) And what is the biggest challenge or pitfall that you feel holds individuals back from success in Information Marketing?

The result of this info product development will be compiled as pure content on information marketing and will be packaged into stand alone product which may be priced at $197.

The fun part of the news is that while it still in development, anyone who subscribe to the notification list will get the access to the product. Only if it completely done then the product links is being pulled off the web and moved to a priced product as mentioned above.

So, extending the information I gave you earlier on my previous post, the early bird VIP subscriber has also a chance to get the resell right to the product for FREE.

See all the detail here and don’t miss the opportunity. You’ll thank me later...