Parent Roster

 WeekCubs Tuesday  Cubs Wednesday Kitchen Cleaning Toilet Cleaning Mowing Gardening
(11/07 - 17/07)


(18/07 - 24/07)
AvekauAngus-Klayman, WangBrownCheungLavin
(25/07 - 31/07)
 Trafford, TuesleyBloomfield, WakeBruntonCulkinLawther
(1/08 - 7/08
Richardson, ChalkBryant, Van Der SluysCarusoDunnLister
(8/08 - 14/08)
 Price, Chiou Carter Davies Eyles Matthews 
(15/08 - 21/08)
 Park, Crowe Fowler-Bean Fang Gati McKenzie 
(22/08 - 28/08)
 Matthews, Eustace Hall Pelevin Guyatt More-O'Ferrall 
(29/08 - 4/09)
 Jiang, Ezure Hart Ridgeon Hamilton Okado 
(5/09 - 11/09)
 Wigmore McCarthy Russell Hodgson Steitie 
(12/09 - 18/09 )
 Audus Okado Thomson Jeffree Kandera 

Instructions for Cleaning Rosters
  1. There is a keybox next to the den front door. Text Tash on 0423 943 839 for that weeks unlock code
  2. Cleaning products can be found in the first cupboard on the right as you enter the kitchen
  3. Mop the kitchen or toilet floors (depending on roster)
  4. Wipe the kitchen benchtops using surface cleaner (kitchen roster)
  5. Wipe out inside of fridge (kitchen roster)
  6. Wipe the hand basins in the toilets using surface cleaner (toilet roster)
  7. Add toilet cleaner to inside rim of toilets. Wait 10 minutes then flush. (toilet roster)
  8. Wipe toilet seats (toilet roster)
  9. Rinse shower cubicle (toilet roster)
Instructions for Mowing Roster
  1. Please bring own mower and whipper snipper
  2. Mow grass on parade ground
  3. Mow grass along sides of driveway
  4. Mow grass in front of drink basin and side of den
  5. Put grass clippings into wheelie bins or on gardens
  6. Take wheelie bins down to road and put on kerb ready for bin day
  (If no mower or whipper snipper available, your roster can be swapped with others. Please let me know ahead of time)

Instructions for Gardening Roster
  1. Water plants using hose
  2. Put sprinklers onto parade ground
  3. Rinse and wipe out drink basin
  4. Check grounds for loose rubbish and put into wheelie bins
  5. Take wheelie bins down to road and put on kerb ready for bin day
Thank you!!!!