Here you will find the yearbooks from local schools that allowed me to have access to their collections. I should add that the elementary, grammar schools and middle schools  are much easier to work with than the high schools, even though they may have lost everything in natural disasters. You think some would wise up considering some donations of personal collections were made and they may be the last in existence! You think this would give some the inclination to electronically digitize them in a non-destructive process as I have done here ... sigh ... and still have their collection retuned, unharmed.

For now I have to rely on the public! If you may have a volume that I don't have, please contact me and I will make arrangements to have yours done. I have met people, received my mail, did my thing (may take a few weeks) and then returned them to their owner.

Also these are not the highest resolution / originals that are posted. I tried to keep in mind bandwidth and the average connection rates. If you want higher quality, let me know, but there will be a minimal charge for my time to create.

Lastly, I've also started make some searchable! In Adobe reader use the find / search option and put in your search string (e.g. first or last name), and it will bring you automatically to each instance in which it occurs.