Trekking in the West Java Tropical Highlands

Self Guided Walks in the Puncak Area of West Java

This page provides some info on many outstanding walks that can be easily done in the Puncak area of West Java (located about 80km from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta).

Hopefully others will be inspired to come and enjoy this beautiful and easy to reach part of Asia.

An advantage of enjoying Java's outdoors, is that egress from wilderness to comfort and civilisation is usually fast and easy. 

In the case of this trek, I had breakfast in with Dr Robbie, jumped a mini bus for 30 minutes, trekked for 3 hours and got back to Buena Vista in time for lunch. Total cost for the morning's activities: $1.10 in mini bus fares.'s series of four maps and guide books, BTW, go for Rp500,000. (About USD55). Some may consider that to be expensive. But for anyone who values their time and convenience,  access to such detailed trail info is well worth the value.

As a non resident of Java, I could not have enjoyed such a smooth and pleasant walk without the amazingly detailed info contained in these guide maps.

Many thanks to the WIPA team for sharing their knowledge of Puncak's  myriad network of walking trails with us.

Evan Jones. (Webmaster of 10 Jan 2008.


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My day's trek started from headquarters of the Buena Vista Foundation, situated in the scenic Cisarua district; home of senior outdoorsman, Dr Robbie Ko. This is the view from his verandah. For more info about staying at Buena Vista, send email to speleoindonesia [at]


Terrian map showing the Jagowari Toll Road in the top-middle of the map and Bogor to the left .

The mountains of  Gede and Pangrango are  in the middle  of this satellite image; the main  West Java highways to Sukabumi, Cianjur, Bogor and Jakarta can be clearly seen.  "Gunung" means mountain and "puncak" means summit and is also the place name for the area trekked on this page.

The Puncak Highlands lie in the shadow of the volcanically active Gunung Gede. The soil brings forth lush and fertile crops, such as these rice paddies, on my way to the Puncak Highway, a 5 min walk from Dr Robbie's house. 

While waiting by the main road for the next passing mini bus to bring me to the Puncak , I snapped these buffalos plowing a farmer's rice paddy.

The front seat view from a West Java mini bus on the crowded Puncak "highway".


I am using the excellent and the highly detailed Cisarua trekking guidebook (see, I got down from the minibus on the other side of the "Puncak" (summit) at the Hotel Bukit Indah and found my way to the middle point of  Trek C4, as detailed in's Cisarua guidebook.  The above view looks back to Gunung Gedongan, a part of the trek I did not do, as, being lazy, I choose start trekking the  C4 route from the highest point (not far from the highway),  walking downhill.


From the Puncaktrek Cisarua guide book: "The route contours 1440m around Sumbul hill." This the view looking  to Cisarua.


"Break into the open and enjoy a view of two tea estates."   That's the Puncak Highway in the middle of the pic.


"The paragliding site in Riung Gunung." 


 "The route contours down to a valley on the tea estate  for 1225m."

" .. contour down in scrub on a dirt road to the tea gardens."


" .. the route now winds its way west for 1320m." Note the concrete RRI tower, which is a Puncak landmark.

"Cross a small valley with a spring L." (I turned around and took this photo facing the way I came, so the stream  comes from the R in this pic.)

"Go R onto a stone road amid tea and scattered cinnamon trees (1330masl)."

" .. the route now winds its way west for 1320m in tea and forest."


Harvesting Gunung Mas tea.jpg

For those who are not familiar with the where this area is, click on this map to see where Puncak is in relation to Jakarta.


--end of trek --


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