Changes for this year

We have made several changes to the conference to improve the experience of INDMUN for all:

  • The conference starts later at 1 P.M. on Saturday and debate continues until 6 P.M. The schedule on Sunday remains the same : 9AM to 3PM.
  • On Sunday, delegates will debate in the same committees as Saturday on a second topic. We will not have a General Assembly.
  • The cost of the conference is now 20 euros as lunch on Sunday is provided.

Sign up individually as:

Sign up as a school:

Pour s'inscrire à la version française MFNU, cliquez ici.

Registration form

Once you have registered, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

Please note the following points:

  1. You will not be registered before we receive the conference fees.
  2. The registration deadline is the 30th of March 2019 for delegations and the 6th of February for chairs. You can still apply after this date but we will not be able to guarantee you a place. Country assignments will be provided on a rolling basis. In other words, those who register late will have will have a limited choice regarding country assignments.
  3. MUN directors are REQUIRED to attend the conference, as they will be responsible for their students.

Chair Assignments

  • Environmental Committee:
      • Emma Spender
      • Noa Amy Mensch
      • Dylan Smeigh
      • Guillaume Taret
  • Security Council:
      • Sacha Delouvrier
      • Maxine Okula
  • Human Rights:
      • Felix Tremblot
      • Noé Amiel

Conference fees

INDMUN costs 20 euros per delegate. This price includes :

  1. Entrance to the conference
  2. Research papers, and other documents available on the website
  3. Lunch on Sunday will be provided this year !

For further information, contact :