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Creamy Vegan Cole Slaw!

posted Aug 16, 2014, 6:43 PM by Ivy Hunter   [ updated Apr 18, 2015, 10:23 AM ]

Creamy vegan cole slaw

Creamy Vegan Cole Slaw
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You will love this recipe for super creamy vegan version of cole slaw

I’ve always enjoyed a cold cole slaw on hot days or as an easy dish to bring to a potluck. The potluck dinner approached and I realized I had a bunch of cabbage which seems to be at peak harvesting season right now. It’s a good, fresh, seasonal salad to bring, and I chose organic wherever possible. I’ve put together cole slaw before, but this was a potluck with the full play, cast, and set party. The room must have been seated for over 100 people. This potluck salad would need to accent the other dishes well and be something everyone would like. 

Using organic cabbage, and carrots I obtained at a local farmers market, and local tart lemons, I sought out an old favorite recipe. Before developing my own recipe. I found my heart’s desire online at Recipes.com and that recipe represents the flavor I would imagine would be the ideal and best cole slaw (Gardens, 2014). When compared, I come pretty close to the flavor - delicious! I wanted to get that flavor as my ultimate goal in preparing this dish. I was also going for sweet & crunchy as well, and this salad had to be kind of junk foodie vegan food as I’ve been known to make in a whole food way. I took my chances and went for it by mixing what I thought would give me the same consistency of sauce for the slaw. It turns out sweet, and very creamy. The crunch can obtained by slicing the cabbage a little thicker. I used a cheese grater for the carrots and cabbage to get a creamier texture.

I’ll tell you the trick that really worked with this recipe. The sauce must be mixed well in a separate bowl and the cole slaw is always folded into the sauce – so use a big bowl. I have a large stainless steel restaurant bowl that is about 2 feet across that I found in the thrift store and it’s perfect for tossing them together. Mix your sauce in the container you will toss the cole slaw in – so although you will not make all that much sauce, you still need a lot of room. 

So I got to the part where I’m mixing the sauce and I realized I needed my electric hand mixer. Mixing this with an electric hand mixer took only 2 or 3 minutes. I recommend having the Tofutti vegan cream cheese at room temp before mixing. Mine was refrigerated and it took a while to break up the clumps of cream cheese.

Creamy Vegan Cole Slaw by Ivy Hunter 
Serves 15 (Potluck style)


Toss together & set aside:
1 small head or ½ large head of green cabbage – shredded

½ head of red cabbage – shredded

3 large carrots – peeled & grated 

In a large bowl combine:
3 tablespoons of kombucha vinegar

1 tub Tofutti – vegan cream cheese

1 teaspoonful Veganaise – organic mayo replacement

1 tablespoon whole cracked mustard – Organic store shelf item usually in plastic squeeze bottles

2 tablespoons lemon juice or, juice from 1 tart fresh lemon – the fresh lemons I used were wonderful on this.

1 teaspoon black coarse pepper

1 teaspoon celtic sea salt

3 tablespoons organic unrefined cane sugar
½ cup coconut milk


In your large bowl (about 2 quarts or more in size) you will mix all of the ingredients, except for the cabbage, and carrots.

Using a hand mixer blend on high for 2 minutes, using a whisk – combine to a velvet texture without lumps. Taste.

Toss the vegetables together and then fold them into your sauce mixture. 

Cover & chill for 2 hours before serving


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