Hypothyroid Nutritional Management

  1. Foods that nourish the Thyroid - for low functioning thyroid conditions.

  2. This holistic approach to your next 7 days of eating foods that nourish and support the functions of the thyroid.

  3. Begin right now by downloading your copy, then using the suggested menu go shopping for the foods you will need.


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  • It is highly recommended that you contact me for guidance in using your new meal plan. You will still need to identify your own personal caloric need based on your BMI (this can be done on a Google BMI calculator, and calorie intake calculator online).
  • You will then increase the calories by ADDING foods you normally eat (so now that food in the fridge won't go to waste). Increasing calories to your recommended daily needs prevents hunger, while the foods increase metabolism, energy, and support the thyroid gland.

This is an omnivore approach meal plan, it may include eggs, fish, and/or meats. Alternatives to meat is an option if you double the portions and use a plant based meat substitute or protein source.