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There are too many varieties to list individually but this one we focus on will be the apple mint, or julep variety.

This is the most common varieties of mint pictured.

  • Crush the leaves in sugar and add to drinks, herb the water, or make a mint tea.
  • Create hot sun tea with mint leaves and pour over it for a fragrant cool summer drink.
  • Place mint leaves and sugar onto a pan and heat, strain and reserve the simple syrup for putting on fruit or ice cream.
  • It can also be used to flavor just about anything from candy to food.
  • Mint jelly and mint syrup are two things you would like to have in the refrigerator as you may enjoy them often.

Planting & Growing:
  • Mentha viridis is a perennial plant that grows 12 inches tall and has purple flowers.
  • The plant will spread on its own so contain it to an area to prevent massive takeover of your garden.
  • Part shade, moist soil, this plant does best at a pH of 5.2 to 6.7.
  • Avoid using manure which cause a fungal disease of this plant.
  • In the late fall, cut the mint to the ground, and mulch with vegetable compost to encourage the best growth the following spring.

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