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Is subtle, and it is a similar spice to parsley in salad, or as a garnish. It has a peppery flavor to add to cooked vegetables, and the leaves can be candied for baking or decorative use on cookies and cakes.

Uses in Cooking

The fresh sprigs when added to iced tea and fruit drinks add a mild peppery lavender flavor that's hard to pinpoint but slightly noticeable and it adds depth to the flavor of those drinks.
Borage adds a cucumber flavor to salads and drinks. The blossoms are used as garnish for drinks. (NHM 2006, Org Encyclopedia 1941).

Bee Borage; Aka Borago officinalis is an annual plant standing 36 inches high with white to blue flowers.

Plant 15 inches apart by seed and allow to self-sow the next year. Plant in full sun, medium soil, and allow it to mature in six weeks then make a second sowing to plant fully and allow for a constant harvest.

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