Bay Laurel, California Bay Tree, daphne, Grecian laurel, Indian bay, Laurel, noble laurel, Roman laurel, sweet bay, true laurel

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Bay leaf is a wonderful aromatic herb found along the coast of California growing wild along the trails and valleys. It has for centuries been used in cooking soups, salad dressing flavoring, sauces, and cooked vegetables. It is one of hte most versatile and widely used herbs in cooking.

Bay Laurel is also known as Laurus nobilis, bay laurel, bay leaf, bay tree, daphne, Grecian laurel, Indian bay, Laurel, noble laurel, Roman laurel, sweet bay, true laurel.

Medicinal Value

The forms available you may find for medicinal use include the highly oil containing berries, the volatile extract, the leaves, oil, ointments made from the plant parts, and soaps made from the tree.

Bay contains 1,8-cineol which is or may be bactericidal and parthenolides which prevent migraine head aches. Bay also lowers the blood sugars by helping the insulin receptors use insulin and accept it more effectively. The volatile oil is both bactericidal and fungicidal and used in soaps, lotions, and topical rubs to improve the skin. The oil is never taken internally as it may burn, but the leaves are commonly steeped in soup when cooking.

This has been a common herb found in most stores and used in cooking for centuries. It can also be found as an ingredient in some toothpastes because it may help to prevent tooth decay by inhibiting the bacteria commonly found in the mouth. The products contain a very dilute percentage of the active components and if you would want to try a medicinal bath

5 - 10 bay laurel leaves (fresh) to be placed in the bath for a full body soak. Remove the leaves once you feel the bath is aromatic enough for your level of comfort.

In soups:
Use 1 - 2 leaves in a pot of soup that typically serves 6 people. This is an excellent secret ingredient and booster food in the soup recipes I've made.
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