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Ashwagandha is a root of the winter berry. The berries other names include poison berry. The ashwagandha powder is found in
bulk herb supplier markets and by direct mail order. The root is used as an anti-inflammatory and immune supporting supplement. Small amounts can be incorporated into your green smoothie powder you already prefer to use to give it an immune boosting and anti-tumor type of property. Take up to 1 teaspoonful per day for 2 weeks and journal your starting pain levels, and ending pain levels to see the difference it can make with you.

As with all supplements, if you develop allergies; stop use and report to your doctor. If allergies are severe, call 911. These things are common sense, but sometimes must be said. Since this herb is imported it is important to try to find out as much about the supplier as possible. Strength can vary from batch to batch so start with a low dose and increase the dose slowly under the supervision of your health provider.

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