Angelica, levisticum officianale

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Angelica, a beautiful aromatic herb used in candy and dishes in baking including bonbons, but nobody talks about angelica. The fresh leaves can be picked and tossed in with salad, fruit salad and jams or jellies to contribute that secret ingredient mystery to the dish.

Angelica is commonly known as lovage, aetheroleum levistici, angelica levisticum, hipposelinum levisticum, levisticum levisticum, L. officinale, L. radix, lavose, maggi plant, sea parsley, smallage, smellage.

By trade to be used medicinally it is sold under names including: Aspen-mega Max, Dexatrim, Natural No Caffeine Formula, Vine Essence. It is also sold as tea. The medicinal parts of hte plant include seeds and roots of L. officinale and L. radix. The compounds that are medicinally active are the ones that contribute the aromatic odor and flavor. It contains butylidenephthalide, butylthalide, and ligustilide which include coumarins, terpenoids, benzoic acid, and caffeic acid. It also contains other compounds including camphene, bergapten, and psoralen.

What is does
The plant helps to stimulate salivation and gastric secretions, with a mild diuretic effect on the kidneys. This is used to prevent heartburn when taken with food to stimulate digestion.

How to Use
It is also helpful as a relaxing tea by pouring 1 cup  boiling water over 1.5 to 3 grams of fine cut lovage root and draining after 15 minutes. Max of 4 - 8 grams daily taken between meals since it can raise the blood pressure and cause light sensitivities. 

Typically, pregnant women should avoid using this herb and anyone with kidney trouble would want to avoid it since it's the kidneys job to clear the aromatic compounds from the system. (NHM 2006, Org Encyclopedia 1941).

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