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My mission is to serve and educate my community. Some of the things I will do is:

    • Develop a comprehensive individualized nutrition profile, including specific and detailed nutrition needs, and personalized lifestyle goals. I assist you in developing a complete comprehensive and, confidential nutritional analysis. I will define your personal health goals and provide the customized nutrition program that you need to get you on the right path to using foods as your foundation to support the treatments, and care you are already receiving from your primary care doctor.
    • I Analyze current nutritional status and lifestyle behavior patterns to let you know what's already helping, and what's taking away from your personal health. There's so many aspects involved with an individual's nutritional status. I analyze these components in addition with personal objectives, current lifestyle and environmental factors to provide a major benefit towards achieving an individual's health goals.
    • Identify weaknesses and recommend improvement based on what's possible for you. My objective is to help design a strategy to overcome the weakness in a person's present health program and to provide specific recommendations that will assist you to achieve your improved health objectives. I use metabolic testing, and further testing to uncover the basic needs in lifestyle, health, and foods that will really support you.
    • Coordinate the implementation of your plan so that it WORKS. As with any nutritional program, no matter how impressive or well designed, it's worthless until it is implemented. The true talent of nutritional consulting will be seeing that all the elements of your program are put into effect and successfully carried out.
    • I can advise individuals, families, and groups on how to improve diet, lifestyle and attitude to prevent disease and promote health. I can work with your primary care provider or other health providers if you are previously diagnosed with an illness so that we can identify the biochemical imbalances and toxicities that contribute to poor health. My nutritional advice and support is founded on evidence-based and holistic principles.

    • I also serve my community by offering on-going classes in holistic nutrition approaches to eating. I will arrive to lead a one hour class lecture, which is specific to holistic nutritional management of health.The topic can be your choosing.