Welcome to the Standards-Based IEPs: Determining and Writing Effective Goals resources website. The North Central Comprehensive Center (NCCC) in partnership with the Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center (MPRRC) developed this web-based tool to provide guidance to educators for the development of Standards-Based Individual Education Programs (IEPs).
This tool is designed to provide professional development support to district- and school-level special educators on site and on demand. It incorporates downloadable resources, as well as videos and PowerPoints detailing the best-practices for creating high quality standards-based IEPs. To make the most of the tool, you will want to locate and download the following documents from left sidebar of this page:
  • Module 1: IEP Overview
  • Module 2: IEP Academic Achievement Levels
  • Module 3: IEP Writing Quality Goals
Because this tool is a dissemination platform, not an interactive one, and since your particular state department of education will likely have specific guidance and procedures relative to the development of Standards-Based IEPs, you will want to direct all questions to your district- or state-level special education contact person.
Below and to the left are the resources needed for use of this professional development.