We have made room reservations for you at Rica hotel, Karasjok and Thon hotel, Kautokeino. You will be staying at Rica hotel, Karasjok, till Wedensday 6/4-11. In the afternoon the 6'th we proceed to Kautokeino, and check in at Thon hotel. 
It is important that you all use the registration form on this website. If you already have contacted the hotels and booked room, you have to let us know by writing a comment on the registration form as we are in contact with the hotels.
We don't take any registration fee. You can pay for accommodation in cash or with creditcard.
Rica hotel, Karasjok. Approximatly 500 meters from the Sami Parliament.
Single room:     975 NOK per night, breakfast included 
Double room:    612 NOK per person, per night, breakfast included 
Thon hotel, Kautokeino: April 6'th - April 8'th
Please note that if you come earlier and/or wish to leave later than the dates mentioned, you will have to include that information on the registration form. We have not made any room reservations before 4/4 and after 8/4. The hotels have many guests in April, so it is better if you let us know as soon as possible if you want to come earlier or stay longer.
The white reindeer/Den hvite rein. Across the road from the Sami Parliament
Karasjok camping. Approximatly 800 meters from the Sami Parliament