Culture Of The Mohawk Indians

Arts And Crafts
    The Mohawk Indian tribes were very skilled in the arts and crafts department. They are especially known for their unique style of masks. These masks were sometimes silly but  more often were scary. They wore these masks for all celebrations and traditional ceremonies.
The Mohawk Indians also had a large interest in beadwork. It was made for friendship or family symbol.
Recreation and Entertainment


            Children of the Mohawk tribe enjoyed hunting and fishing. Girls liked to play with cornhusk dolls and adults played lacrosse. The Mohawk Indians enjoyed betting on many sports that were played between two teams or two individuals. One of the many sports that was played was a game with a stick in hand trying to hit the ball into the goal. Another wonderful Native American sport was Lacrosse. It was played almost every day by kids and adults. Families played together as a bonding experience. Another form of entertainment was darts. They played darts by throwing a pointed arrow onto a board and tried to hit the center.




The two most important instruments to the Mohawk were the drums and flute. The drums were filled with water making their sound unique from all other tribes. They didn't use any other instruments.

Dress and Language
 The Mohawks were very stylish. The men wore breeched clothing with leggings. Mohawk women wore wrap around skirts and sometimes poncho like garments called an overdress. Some Mohawks spoke English but most spoke their native language which was based on different sounds unlike English.

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