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Converting Social Media from Monologue to Dialogue

End government, media, military-industrial complex Social Media monologues for 'hate'. Lets start dialogues for peace campaigns.  Ad your voice on the following petition URL and then send it to your friends, colleagues and families.  The truth is not one side of an issue or another. Truth involves both sides in dialogue and ultimately more sides involving all stakeholders in continuing dialogues.


Petition created: 21st August 2011 www.care2.com

 DIALECTIC (formal dialogue) RIGHTS FOR ALL

Squares are greater than triangles, says 1

Together they form a home, says 2

 Can I share with you a concern about Care2 and other Social Media? The governments of the USA, Canada and other NATO countries are using Social Media in the same way George Orwell forecast in his classic 1984. Orwell was writing from his perspective having witnessed the British government funded social and economic 'hate' programs against Nazi Germany of World War Two.  Orwell could see how easily the English people descended into intense government fanned hate for the German, Austrian, Italian, Romanian, Japanese and other Axis nationals.

Today these same mono-lectic hate campaigns through carefully orchestrated Social Media are being used by resource hungry governments with xenophobic agendas to muster popular support in order to arm rebels to destroy Afghanistan, Iraq, bomb Libya and other campaigns in a false "Arab spring".  Israel, the USA, Canada in this order are the three highest armament, component and security industry producers per capita on the planet.  Other NATO countries follow closely and every military nation on earth now has some devoted web presence.  Military personnel and armament industry employees are being instructed / hired to spend part and even all of their days in spreading their messages of xenophobic war producing hate on social media.  When ever there is a war going on somewhere on the planet, it is providing jobs and profits for those nations who make war their business.

Social Media can be used to support dialectic, two sided dialogue discussions / 'debates' (French 'de' = 'undo' + 'bate' = 'the fight') among differing parties.  Our Sustainable Development Corporation and Indigene Community www.indigenecommunity.info use a method called Both Sides Now, equal time recorded dialogues as a simplified easy to use method in our community building work.  Care2 is welcome to use this letter or any of our materials to take Social Media from monologues to dialogues between opposing sides. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/1-both-sides-now-article  Dialogue is the 'truth-search' Satyagraha path to peace.

Douglas Jack, douglasf.jack@gmail.com www.indigenecommunity.info 514-365-9594, LaSalle-Montreal,  Quebec, Canada H8R 1X9

Recording dialogues among those in research or conflict resolution and publishing these dialogues for community review and support.

ORIGINAL EMAIL 24th August 2011

The results of the petition will be presented to not only social media but as well to: communities, alternative, mainstream media as well as organisations, schools, industry, commerce and governments to call for truly balanced media, research, conflict resolution and organisational interaction.  This petition is ‘process’ (‘channel through which information flows’) and not ‘content’ (‘any orientation or dogma’) oriented.  Your call will add to voices asking for balanced media, schools, government, industry, commerce and institutions where all stakeholder voices are heard.


Society has been founded upon honest methods but they become unbalanced when not measured as part of whole systems.  Indigene Community compiles indigenous knowledge for sustainable development today.  The Indigenous Circle of Life considers information as part of a https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/home/indigenous-circle-of-life  constellation of economic, ecological, livelihood, social and justice empowerment issues for everyone.  Our lawyers, courts, schools, industries, commerce, business, institutions, police, military all have honest intention but have become perverted through lack of ‘fractal’ (social, economic multiplier and divisions) application of these methods at all levels

DIALECTICS (both sides)

Without the expression of all sides to issues, we aren’t hearing the whole story.  Our media, schools and economic entities only present one side of issues so we aren’t able to appraise important juxtaposition of facts in order to make up our own minds.  With only selective presentation of facts, we aren’t making informed decisions about the priorities we must take in our world.

End government social-media, military-industrial complex use of social (and all other) media for monolectic hate-outrage campaigns and

begin ‘dialectic’ (at least two sides in formal dialogue) rights for all in the world.


·        mainstream and the alternative media were presenting balanced material to us, with issues on both sides expressed?

·        Socrates original dialectic (both-sides presentation and ‘debate’ (French ‘de’ = ‘undo’ + ‘bate’ = ‘the fight’) conception in schools (Socrates original concept for the word ‘academia’) were honored?

·        the many details of issues presented point-by-point and side-by-side, so you can make up your own mind?

·        the industry, offices, commerce, institution, business, schools and even non-profit organisation in which you work, shop, supply, attend or frequent that; individuals had the right to call for formal recorded dialogue?

EXAMPLES of monologues.


Recently media has revealed how two men faked a supposedly Syrian ‘gay’ woman’s struggle, Amina Araf’s (???)questionable, hidden or faked identity??? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43398513/ns/world_news-mideast_n_africa/ raises important points about social media as a tool of war which wasn’t mentioned but is becoming an obvious pattern of western encroachment on resources.  Amina’s plight (?) is an example of what is being used as part of a propaganda campaign to ‘justify’ outrage and military intervention in multiple countries.  Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, ‘Q’, Care2, Avaaz, environmental & social networks etc) under western ownership/control are shamelessly propagandizing one-sided reporting and points of view en mass.  It’s the ability to seed ‘outrage’ and other dimensions of dislike and even ‘hate’, which becomes insidious.  Such hate campaigns help grow social-media but why aren’t we hearing from ‘the other side’ in all of this reporting to humanise the issues?  Mohandas Gandhi’s Satyagraha is based on searching the ‘best-intentions’ of all concerned parties by giving everyone a dialectic (two-sided) place of engagement.


Monologues are strategies by NATO nations to engender public outrage and seems to be used by agents of the military-industrial-complex to destabilise governments under disfavour to NATO, western, US and Canadian interests.  NATO led countries are trying to impose our shallow experience of political ‘democracy’ (Greek = ‘power of the people’) on other cultures which have their own important understandings and contributions to democratic heritage.  I tend to believe that we believe ‘they’ are ‘lacking’ simply out of our own self-awareness. 

SATYAGRAHA (truth-search)

‘Transforming war to indigenous Satyagraha (Truth Search) for Libya, Syria and the world  https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/2-satyagraha   has circulated among Indigene Community.

RE: Our involvement in one more ‘just’ war (Just one more war?) and an indigenous Satyagraha response.

I would rather just be focusing my attention on enhancing the wonderful abundance of the natural world at my doorstep and human ability to live in harmony through abundance and friendship.  The human heritage of ‘indigenous’ (Latin = ‘self-generating’) abundance and friendship is told in the Indigene Community website.


In Libya yet once again, our government is using our monetary and technological wealth to kill and main in yet another country.  Canada as one of the most energy and material consumptive countries of the world as well as one of the highest per capita producer of armaments, is addicted and mesmerized to scarcity-causing artificial science and technologies even as they kill us and ruin our world.  I hope you will find the e-links to peaceful solutions given here, useful.  Attached are a number of documents which present perspectives on Libya not available in mainstream news.  Some have angry accusatory portions not necessarily called for but at least standing up to stop the bombs. It is time we disengage from the violence of our system and engage with the strength of life.


Humanity has entered a new phase just this last month of March 2011, predicted by George Orwell in his book 1984, in which a conjuncture of electronic social, mainstream, alternative and national-intelligence-service media have developed unprecedented social infiltration.  Depressing media continually fills the attention of minds to instil continual passive non-involvement.  In the third world this mind - penetration through social and other media is being exploited for immediate negative impact such as massive street mobilizations, violence and forced change of government.  Facebook and other social media by convening messages of ‘hate’ (negative dissent) have attained a popular outreach in circulated messages, orchestrated by foreign national intelligence for our own self-serving purposes.  The ability to bring down any government within weeks is eminently received by our press.  It will seem threatening to us for the violent anarchy created, when our own peace and security is at risk.


The focus of these ‘hates’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Minutes_Hate as first described by Orwell from his own experiences in Britain during the 2nd World War against the Axis and following during the cold war against the Soviets, is to channel human technological society inspired anxiety against perceived enemies and reinforce support of technological regime.  The same angst we are feeling here is also felt worldwide through our imposed media, ownership and lifestyle control.  For most of us it is a numbness, not of sharing to make community work but a seeking of isolation from the storm.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y06NSBBRtY&feature=related    Dwight Eisenhower in 1961 at the end of his eight year presidency and role as United States military chief of staff and allies supreme general takes a step of warning the US nation about the unprecedented influence of the military industrial complex in the creation of perpetual war.


Libya is only one more step of media-led indignation, manufactured dissent or what Israel’s Moshe Dayan once reached for as “Operation Justified Vengeance”.  Western gluttony of world resources and energy is maintained by well financed intelligence networks in constant implantation, arming or destabilization of 3rd world governments. Our extreme daily dependence upon oil (mostly the automobile), jet transport, nuclear, coal, hydro, corn-fuel and energy intense lifestyle for both necessities and constant lifestyle distraction is putting pressures on ecologies, economies, foreign populations and their governments to constantly be in war readiness for western pleasures.  Libya is governed by or reaching for a form of direct democracy described in the Green Book. https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http://911-truth.net/other-books/Muammar-Qaddafi-Green-Book-Eng.pdf&pli=1  The attached documents may surprise you considering what our corporate press and government officials are feeding us.


Few are probably aware that in the middle of March 2011 months ago, Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi’s second eldest son, invited NATO forces and the USA to “occupy eastern Libya” where most of Libya’s dissent has arisen.  Saif had confidence that NATO and the USA would see for themselves the aggression of the Al Qaeda militants in those areas and be convinced in Libya’s cause.  Through the African Union the government of Libya proposed negotiated settlement months ago.  In the meantime NATO has armed radicals to kill and supported their efforts intensely with missiles each worth a million dollars.  Let us suppose however that as in every nation on earth, the rebels have at least some just cause as does the Libyan government.  How can this diversity of perspectives find common cause?


Caribbean Hurricanes are generated by unabsorbed solar energy falling on the African Sahara and Sahel deserts.  When the Sahara was a lush tropical orchard cultivated by indigenous peoples, the photosynthesis of leaves absorbed/transformed 95 - 98% of solar energy into matter and water cycle. These 'cold' continental spots pull winds from the sea to the land, where 60% of moisture transfer is through condensation on leaf and bark surfaces.  The trillion or so food and material trees once filling North Africa also dampen any extreme wind events so no damage is done. The unabsorbed winds from Africa jet stream across the Atlantic to the Caribbean to hyper-accelerate existing ocean energies into the wind cycling called Hurricanes.

The destruction we are threatened with has its genesis in African human relations.  Muammar Gaddafi in addition to having implemented Africa's only program of universal health care and universal education reaching from elementary to graduate studies also was Africa's strongest proponent of tree planting. The community based democratic system of Libya described in the Green Book, kept their parliamentary system connected with people and land.  Somalia's strongest African aid provider country was Libya now knocked out of aid by NATO, US and Canadian lust for Libyan oil and false western media propaganda monologues of hate.  NATO patterns of war everywhere for third world countries feeding the media-military-industrial-complex and energy gluttony, must come to an end.  Gaddafi has made open calls for western peaceful intervention for 3 months, known by African Nations but completely unreported by western press.

They say, "What goes around, comes around", but humanity has far more control over our environment than 'exogenous' (Latin = 'other generated') colonial society has imagined.  The first control we have is of compassion for each other and the living world, of self-control to appreciate the great gifts nature brings us.  'Indigenous' (L = 'self-generating') peoples have understood the science of human nature relations and climate science for hundreds of thousands of years.  www.indigenecommunity.info 

It is time that despite colonial alienation to indigenous humanity's abundant heritage, that we become self-generating to our time and place again.



Humanity’s long universal international ‘Indigenous’ (Latin = ‘self-generating’) heritage holds deep comprehensive traditions of peace which have been the mainstay of human history on earth before the present period.  The Indigenous Circle of Life https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/home/indigenous-circle-of-life  represents a constellation of interactive social-economic practices for strengthening ourselves as individuals and as society.  Mohandas Gandhi’s ‘Satyagraha’ (‘Truth-search’) holds key elements of these traditions.  Humans are social creatures by nature, so that we exist always in relations with others mirrored to our relations with ourselves.  Threats to relations cause anxiety.  The good news is that we can strengthen human solidarity, compassion, nurture, and mutual-aid.

1.     SATYAGRAHA Mohandas Gandhi led the way with ‘Satyagraha’, literally ‘Truth-search’ in which he advocated that we inquire with our friends and enemies as to their “best intentions” in the acts they are engaging of and how we might aid them to accomplish these intensions.  Gandhi as a lawyer was trained in dialectic (two-sided) dialogical engagement and its role for humans in conflict and collaboration.

2.     DIALOGUE “Words are stronger than swords”.  Around the world where Canadian manufactured bombs are dropping, we can turn to populations and offer to support them in ‘debate’ (French ‘de’ = ‘undo’ + ‘bate’ = ‘the fight’) with all parties.  We can support a ‘Dialectic Right’ for each person and communities to engage in dialogue with their fellows at all levels including: individuals, families, extended families, schools, corporations, governments, military and institutions).  When dialogue results are published, in the same way as we are being presently influenced to act negatively by media hate propaganda, so can whole populations be influenced to act positively in care and mutual aid through dialectic expression. Both Sides Now, equal time recorded dialogue offers a local accessible system of both research and conflict resolution.  https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/structure/both-sides-now-equal-time-recorded-dialogues 

3.    ECONOMY (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘manage’ from ‘manus’ = ‘hand’ or ‘care and nurture’)  Indigenous participatory organisation of economy https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy 

4.     SOLIDARITY https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy/solidarity  Reduce back to a human scale of interacting with the world.  Know that everytime we are spending a dollar or our time, we are voting and making a choice.  We can choose once our basic needs are met to invest (not charity but accounted for stewardship) in the well being of each person and humanity as a whole.  Just as drug, alcohol and cigarette addicts do not need their mood enhancing fixes, so each of us do not need energy, material or technological fixes to make us happy.  In fact the local time, place, scale and circumstances at which we each live and even boredom, sadness and quietness are deeply meaningful and revealing to ourselves, the ecology and biosphere.  Taoists have an expression called “Wei Wu Wei”, “Doing not-doing” in realising humanity’s mission on earth, being still, to allow the voice of the earth to speak through ourselves and visa versa.  Not nature as a commodity, which we drive or fly to, but as a conscious being in which we are constantly immersed.

Most social media has followed the path of mainstream media in terms of reporting / discussing only that side of news, events and concerns which feed monetary capital and market interests of corporations, institutions, grant recipients and governments.  The tendency is towards protesting gaps or deficiencies in the system rather than hearing from both sides and manifesting our strengths together.Our social and environmental organisations, schools, colleges, universities, industries, commerce and other collective bodies have little familiarity with ‘dialectic’ (‘two-sided’) processes and most refuse to convene their stakeholders in dialectic research or conflict resolution methods.  we know that every side of a story is essential to knowing the truth.  Mohandas Gandhi as a lawyer / community advocate made engaging the truths (best-intentions) of all sides of conflicts the foundation of the ‘truth-search’ he called ‘Satyagraha’.  The key to working together is in systems of economic recognition through formal dialogue procedures, inclusive accounting practices and ownership systems where everyone’s gifts are grouped together and heard.Douglas Jack   douglasf.jack@gmail.com  www.indigenecommunity.info Dialogos, house of dialogue, 9662 Jean-Milot, LaSalle (Kahnawake-Nord), Quebec, H8R 1X9, 514-365-9594   

Douglas Jack,
Aug 26, 2011, 8:50 AM