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9) Undoing False Science

'Indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating'
Knowledge practices for undoing colonial 
society's false science assumptions & 
processes in agricul-ture, economy & 
science are described in this section 
Undoing False Science.  Modern 
'exogenous' (L = 'other-generated'
institutions, educ-ation, business, industry, 
government, housing and human-
aggression are based in false assumptions 
& processes which follow.  Etymologies 
(Word-histories) are used in this section & 
website to define meaning because 
encapsulated in our words is the original 
meaning of each syllable / composite 
consonant-vowel sounds.  In 'exogenous' 
society language word meanings are 
regimented usually in negative meanings to 
control popular mind for the purposes of 
empire.  'Indigenous' mind based in mutual-
aid conceives language and words in posit-ive pro-active relations, hence words usually have positive meaning to 
share. Ancient etymological meanings & syllable sounds from which words are formed largely remain intact 
unchanged from regimentation as a clue to original purpose. As long as exogenous society bases its worldview in 
the hidden processes and false assumptions which inform science and its economy, then we keep on repeating the 
same aggression which determined our own fall from freedom & harmony with nature so long ago.  
How twisted & confused is modern thinking?
When colonial 'pioneers'  [Etymology from Middle French pionier (originally, a foot soldier), Old French peonier
from peon (a foot soldier) (modern French: pion). See 'pawn' in chess.came to the Americas, we made certain 
false assumptions which we still carry with us as persons & as a people today & these assumptions form the 
foundation for our worldview.  We've internalized our oppression.  Are you the pawn in someone else's game? 
Within colonial society, the word 'pioneer' carries a positive sense of accomplishment as he or she gives his/her life 
to expand institution and empire.  Common people are asking ourselves deeper questions about what-for?, the 
larger scope of life and ecology as well as the disintegration of the biosphere.  The following examples give just 4 
areas of false assumption and corresponding indigenous knowledge in order to undo these perpetual traps. Indigene
Community website gives 1000s of examples of Indigenous Knowledge by which we can recapture sustainable 
development & biosphere for ourselves & future generations.

It is important to understand the earth as a tree-planet of the sun.  The height of trees (40 - 80 feet tall) is exactly 
gaged to the solar input of the sun felt on earth.  The reason we have life on earth is due to the height of the living
canopy cover of the 3-dimensional tree as well as the height of kelp and other forests on the continental shelf coast-
line.  Traditional 'indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') polyculture orchard in most temperate & tropical zones 
absorb between 92 - 98% of solar energy which hits the earth's surface.  'Sylvalizations' (L 'sylva' = 'tree') such as 
the Aymar-Jamamadi-Apurina  nations of Brazil were the oldest repositories of human culture and memory on earth.  
People are 'primates' being creatures and stewards of the tree.
Some examples to give an idea of the power of the sun in small areas.  A recent experiment with a 2 metre (7 feet)
diameter lens, focusing the sun's rays to 1 centimetre (200 power) easily melts steel & most metals through inches 
thick.  The solar energy released per year from the denuded earth in a city's area (1,000,000 people) at a 45 degree 
Latitude is equivalent to multiple Hiroshima sized nuclear bombs.  The sun is an incredible gift but make no mistake, 
humans live according to the sun's rules.
When Babylon started the cycle of cutting 3-D orchard for 2-D 'agriculture' (L 'ager' = 'field'), the sun at that 30 
degree Latitude burnt away the low plant life to create desert.  Multiplying the first 2-D mistake (story of Genesis), 
Babylonians began to invade & colonize their neighbours in order to steal the living resources of their 3-D ecologies, 
water, trees and foods.  As 2-D now colonial thinkers (they call themselves 'civilization') continued to cut down 3-D 
biosphere in Palestine, Israel, Phoenicia, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, North Africa, Italy, Spain etc at each step turning 
the polyculture orchard biosphere's of indigenous peoples into desert.  Each displaced indigenous people has in turn 
adopted the 'exogenous' (L = 'other-generated') destructive lifestyle of their invaders.
2-Dimensional MIND
It is important to understand this linear 2-D reduction of the human mind into self-imposed scarcity and slavery. 2-D 
linear mind creates 2-D linear environment all in massive ignorance promoted by the artificial societies of church, 
government, media, education & science.  In order to recapture humanity's role as stewards on the treed earth we 
are well to understand our indigenous heritage of economic democracy & relationships.   https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/design/1-indigenous-welcome-orchard-food-production-efficiencies

FALSE SCIENCE ASSUMPTIONS and thought processes include:
  1. 'Agriculture' (L 'ager' = 'field) 's 2-D removal of mixed trees, bushes, shrubs, wetlands etc. is a revolutionary                                     foundation of 'civilization', the greatest step in humanity's evolution.  Agricultural policy is a foundation of                                                world globalization today supporting the essential feeding of the whole military-industrial-commercial-media                               infrastructure.
  2. Indigenous First Nations are 'primitive' (primary), 'savage' (L 'sylva' = 'tree'), 'unproductive' [produce (v.) late                                                  15c., "to develop, be extended," from L. producere "lead or bring forth, draw out," from pro- "forth" (see                                                           pro-) + ducere "to bring, lead" (see duke).] peoples from which 'civilized peoples' have evolved.  Because                                         civilization supposedly brings great scientific advances in food production & land utilization, we've the right to                                       invade (enter & control), kill, imprison & abuse without civil permission anywhere in the world. Invasion & war                                         as a permanent industry for the world's most colonial societies (Israel, USA & Canada), continue unabated.
  3. Individuals act alone often in competition with society & nature to establish the built-environment, career,                                            livelihood, community & home.  Each of us stands alone before society's institutions, business, industry &                                          death itself, alone.  Foreboding of death is informed  by our isolation as families, extended families, even                                              urban dwellers for the lack of interaction & lack of knowledge we've for our family & cultural stories. Stories                                            we know are based in war & hierarchy, but we know little about our own family fore-bearers.   'Political'                                            (Greek 'polis' meaning 'many') 'Democracy' (Gk 'demos' = 'people' + 'kratein' = 'power') is the ideal of                                           'exogenous' society even though, mathematically, political democracy means little more than marking an 'X'                                          once every 4 - 5 years. 'Religious' (L 'religio' = 'to relate') individuals may have a social conscience becoming                                        the spiritual enforcers, justifiers of solitary division & even justifying (manifest-destiny) invasion.
  4. Artificial (indexed to human 2-D activity only) science like exogenous economy is linear & further perverted                                        through fragmented 'reductionist' ('reducing objects of study to their smallest components') study.  With linear                                    thinking 'experts' guiding society through their ill-informed exclusive knowledge, they impose knowledge &                                communication in such as media from singular mono-lectic points of view.  Media indoctrinates the false                                       knowledge of these experts.
INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE derived from 100s of 1000s of years:
  1. 'Polyculture Orchard' 3-dimensional mixed trees, bushes, shrubs, grains, vegetables, herbs, wetlands etc are                                        the world's most productive food sources. A given area of land & its people will produce 100 times (10,000%)                                     more food, material, energy, water, soil, air & other resources from 3-D polyculture orcharding than from                                       agriculture. Agriculture is derived from 'farming' (French 'ferme' = 'contract   of servitude between the peasant                                  (pioneer) & the aristocrat [Etymology from French aristocrate (a French Revolution word), from aristocratie.                                             < ἄριστος (aristos, best) (compare Old English ar) + κράτος (kratos, rule)].  The aristocrat or 'favoured                                                  one' is centrally appointed by exogenous power to rule over the peasant. Through experience the earth                                                      speaks to us so the aristocrat is constantly needed by empire to control these tendencies.  The first 'farmers'                                            sent to various parts of the empire can not get land   ownership from the aristocrat if they leave the incredibly                               productive nut / fruit trees cultivated by indigenous peoples in place.  The 'pioneer' chooses a life of slavery to                                   plough & reap perpetual grim-harvest for the aristocrat and empire who maintain control through scarcity.
  2. 'Sylvalization' ('sylva' = 'tree') is a foundation of productivity for huge populations of indigenous peoples for                                          100s of 1000s of years.  Institutional schools falsely interpret indigenous heritage as one of 'hunting &                                          gathering'. Indeed, as indigenous peoples were exposed to empire-cultivated animal-based-diseases                                          ('zoonoses'), imposed through forceful invasion by invading force , indigenous peoples experienced massive                                 population die-off (95% in the Americas, read 1491 by Charles C. Mann) & fleeing to the 'hinterlands' began                                      survival 'hunting & gathering'.  Original indigenous peoples lived in the richest river valleys & shores,                                              cultivating abundant deeply mineralized, protein, enzyme, vitamine-rich complex nutrient plant based diets                                         based on a scant hour of work per day. Exogenous peoples in partial genocidal policy (as much as peasant                                conscience could bear), war against epidemic survivors, their welcoming indigenous title-holders to impose                                       nutrient-deficient diets, slavery & ignorance.  While indigenous biosphere tree-based production provides                                           great sustainable abundance, it can be overshadowed by the trinket industries & co-dependent addictions for                                     those who are weak in mental-discipline & values.
  3. Indigenous peoples communities are based in achieving 'economies of scale' in collaborative, inter-                                            generational, inter-disciplinary work together. As Longhouse, pueblo, mound / pyramid based cities cultivated                                 'proximity' in human relations, then young could work mentored by elders & learn, while elders enjoyed the                                         freshness of spirit and energy of youth.  Handicapped and injured continue to contribute to their societies                                          through complementary interaction. The inclusive time-based accounting & economies of indigenous peoples                                    found in the world's string-shell accounting systems allow them to welcome every & anyone as co-investors                                            in each Production Society area of expertise & Economic Democracy.  By 'caucusing' (Iroquois = 'joining of                                            like-interests') in Production Societies & enabling 'progressive ownership' over the course of one's lifetime,                                 indigenous economy enables a connected collective intelligence from the whole of society. The most                                               productive corporations of the world including the Keiretsu of Japan (Toyota, Hitachi), Korea's Chaebol,                                         Europe's Associative Economics & thousands of Participatory companies everywhere (Tom's of Maine                                     Toothpaste, Ben & Jerry's Icecream, Dofasco Steel, Tembec Forest Products etc) employ the practices of                                       progressive multi-stakeholder ownership & time-based accounting.  Private but joined housing provides                                       proximity for a continuity of economic contribution & relations for all ages. Indigenous people are not alone.                                   Considering the domestic economy is equal to Industrial & Commercial economy, it is possible for intentional                               community to double the economic force of 'participation'.  Every earner is as well a spender.  Through the                               specialization of the story-teller & other cultural institutions were guardians of the longest social-memory ever                            developed on earth.  Through 'graphic-writing' systems and 'mnemonic' devices, indigenous peoples kept                                      important memory on epidemiology, science, food production, governance etc through spans of many 1000s                                           of years in detail & 10s of 1000s of years in allegory.
  4. Natural (humans as part of a living biosphere) Science as we all are coming to realize is 'holistic' based in                             understanding 'whole system's design'. We gain understanding of whole systems through understanding the                                     'fractal' ('divisor or multiplier') interaction of all components at every level.  Although the 'university'                                           ('considering the whole') movement was meant to bring integration about in 'education' (L = 'to lead forth from                                 within'), it's never achieved rather being destroyed through hierarchal imposition.  Empowered action based                               indigenous life-long learning creates empowered individuals within critical mass economies who are masters                                          of their own destiny affording each impartial learning. Science is best achieved by a constellation of factors as                                explained in Indigenous Circle of Life. Dialectic (Both-Sides-Now Equal-time recorded dialogue) conversation                              Socrates' original foundation for 'Academia' ('350 BC Athens Greece city-garden'). All students in 'academia'                                      (quite opposite to today's institutional education) are meant to have the dialectic right to engage fellow                                               students, teachers & citizens through equal time & recording of interactive discussion. Media as well is meant                                         to provide opportunity for dialectic exchange of individuals & formal recording of diverse perspective or                                         viewpoints. Mohandas Gandhi conceived 'Satyagraha' ('Truth-search')'s process as a lawyer convening                                            search for complementary truths found in diverse individual & social elements.
Indigene Community is based in rediscovering everyone's worldwide indigenous knowledge.  These 4 examples & 
100s more such as Section D. Participatory Structure 6) Holistic Science about Indigenous Science are found in 
more detail in the following 55 sections of the website. We hope you will join us through your own cultural knowledge 
& memory in laying humanity's true foundation for life.  The     processes described on Indigene Community are 
about how humans interact & how processes determine what we become. Exogenous society is confused between 
communication 'content' & 'process' through which content flows while indigenous culture knows content & process 
are each a reflection of the other. Part of the process of coming clear is in recognition and respect for 1st Nations as 
keepers of sovereign processes here as well as recognition for the chauvinistic (Chauvin, 'I think therefore it is') 
beliefs which have allowed us to abuse people & nature for so long. As a truly indigenous welcoming people, 1st 
Nations from around the world have welcomed, supported, fed, healed and nurtured colonial peoples for centuries 
even as they observed our degrading of the abundant 3-D Polyculture orchard based productivity, which had taken 
them millennia to realize.  The terms of the Two Row Wampum Treaty for walking parallel paths in respect was 
conceived when they saw we weren't able to respectfully & formally immigrate to their land & trust.  It's up to 
European led immigrants to pay our respects.

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