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‘Indigene’ (Latin = ‘self-generating’

Community’ (L. 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift / service')



Supporting sustainable projects (content) & processes (medium). Member livelihood & recognition are as important as our goals.  building projects across Montreal with accounting for giving & receiving.  Environmental groups often operate by pressuring other authorities for change whereas: individuals, families & communities hold key economies for creating a better world in our own daily activities & spending. We need to manifest our values, first amongst ourselves:

1.   EXTENDING OUR WELCOME CONNECTED MULTIFAMILY CO-HOUSING Proximity empowers  communication & resource use.  ‘Indigenous’ (Latin = ‘self-generating’) economy facilitated by accounting recognition & values in currency, capital, condolence-social security, conveyance-diplomatic, collegial apprenticeship, communication recognition.  ‘A-part-of’ together + ‘a-part-ment’ privacy.

2.  HOLISTIC RELATIONAL ARCHITECTURE Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue Water Tower Feasibility Report. Elemental Design retrofit into ecological self-sufficient building commis-sioned by city. Funded by Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation. Marcus Macdonald triangleinstitute@gmail.com Goal to develop 1st Nation   student living language & culture residence for Mohawk, Cree & Inuit. Doug Jack

3.  RELATIONAL ECONOMY: PETITIONS OF SUPPORT:     LaSalle-Verdun Uniting family buying and investments to support Grocery, Supermarket and Restaurants, Frequent Buyer Programs for local business through Consumer Associations.

4.  BOTH SIDES NOW,  EQUAL – TIME   RECORDED–DIALOGUES for family business, institutions, groups & organisations based in dialectic exchanges among researchers & individuals in Research & Conflict Resolution.  Published dialogues provide a formal interpersonal and community channel for grievance resolution and an alternative to war.

5.  NON-PROFIT CANADIAN PARTICIPATORY MULTI-STAKEHOLDER INCORPORATION Recognition & distinction for Founder, Worker, Supplier and Consumer member contributions. Four groups rebuilding connected intelligence for responsible social economic contracts.

6.   GREEN ELEMENTAL, ECOLOGICAL, ECONOMIC, ERGONOMIC DESIGN Participatory multistakeholder business & organisations achieving integrated products & processes. Responsible owner-member invest-ment for corporate governance. A. Ergonomic Bio-Cycle with 13 aspects at Concordia Univer-sity Mechanical Engineering. B. Modular Room Divider Multi-functional Wall Panel desk, cupboard, shelves, drawers, seats dispensers. C. Super-efficient fridge. D. Green plant, vermi, bacteria, Bio-digestion urine-fecal separating no-flush composting toilet. E. Coconut shell bird flock houses. F. Stridewheels for local tran-sport. G. Gravity-fed dry food dispensers, +more. Bernie Shalinsky ergon@total.net

7.    FOOD SECURITY THROUGH INDIGENOUS  WELCOME & ORCHARD FOOD PRODUCTION EFFICIENCIES                 3-dimensional orchard production is 100 times more abundant than 2-D ‘agri’ – (Latin meaning ‘field’) culture for a range of ecological services.  The multi-level canopies of orchards absorb between 92 – 98% of solar energy while field crops only absorb 2 – 8%.  Tree roots descend 10s & 100s of feet into the substrate while field crops only descend inches to short feet.

8.    INDIVIDUAL/ COMMUNITY LIVELIHOOD    SOLIDARITY “Becoming the change that we want to see in the world”, Mohandas Gandhi. Welcoming each other, through our diverse labours & joining our strengths together for livelihood through share systems, building solidarity, inclusive economy, community & housing where everybody can give & receive.  Caring & planning for livelihood through Relational Economy, Connected Housing, vegetarian & simple-living bridges strengths among us by empowering each to give.  Live simply so that others may simply live”, M. Gandhi.

9.   ECO-MONTREAL TIOHTIAKE GREEN MAPPING Montreal & Quebec since 1994 www.eco-montreal.mcgill.ca with 100s of students & citizens. Olivier Kolmel eco411@gmail.com

10. 1ST NATION PLACENAME MAPPING    TIOHTIAKE (Greater Montreal region). ‘Tsi Tetsiontiotiakon Sustainability Rooted in Heritage’ mapping baseline ecology http://cbed.geog.mcgill.ca/WIP.html

11. MAPPING COMMUNITY HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT example: New Brunswick Climate Change HUB & Lung Association www.nbhub.org with the NB Lung Association since 1999.

12. ECO - INDUSTRIAL EFFICIENCIES Members working in Canadian industries are engaged in implementing a whole range of ecological design & environmental governance processes. Jim Banks 


Asset Based Community Development ABCD, mutual aid 'manifesting' our strengths for a better world . Mohandas Gandhi (1945) advised "Regard human labour as more even than money and you have an untapped and inexhaustible source of income which ever increases with use."  Our goals are both 'objective' (environment) and 'subjective' (self).  We strive to create communities of support for individual livelihood realities through share accounting recognition for member or public participation & 'economy' (> Gk meaning 'eco' = 'home' + 'namein' = 'manage or care & nurture').  As tree roots dig into the earth & branches reach to the sky, so as corporation, by grouping individual resources together we are:

to develop all human capacities.

1.    Livelihood solidarity  Planning work, wellbeing & essentials for participant food, shelter, clothing, warmth & health.

2.    Time-based Human Resource Account-ing as a universal common denominator for  individual recognition & valorisation.

3.    Relational Economy transforming business & industry through Founder, Employee, Supplier & Consumer representation, investment & relations.

4.    Multi-stakeholder Participatory corporate structuring joining diverse interests.

5.    Progressive Participatory Ownership.  Empowering youth education &  elders responsible transfer of knowledge through connected intelligence.

6.    'Caucusing' (Iroquois meaning 'grouping of like-interests') distinguishing & representing interests and voices.

7.    Both Sides Now Equal Time Recorded Dialogues (Dialectic Right) for research and conflict resolution in groups.

8.    Green Mapping through multi-layered mapping to cultivate inter-disciplinary understanding of the whole. 

9.    Connected (clustered) Housing for all of us to pull together resources in meaningful community.

10. Multi-level Orchard based Food Production for restoring 3-D abundance.


Inspired by indigenous heritage / community around the world, Longhouse / Pueblo trad-itions, string shell value systems, the Great Law of Peace & Medicine Wheel, we’re re-becoming indigenous to our time and place.  Together, we abandon 'exogenous' (Latin = 'other-generated') addictions & habits.  Project or process details at www.indigenecommunity.info


Come join us in recognising each effort, motivating interaction, circulating gifts and services and developing livelihood in common-wealth for sustainability.


Douglas Jack, Project Coordinator, LaSalle-Montreal, H8R 1X9 eco-montreal@mcgill.ca   douglasf.jack@gmail.com 

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