9) Microwave Communication


LaSalle Refuse 3 May 2013, Hydro-Quebec refuses a public meeting with all sides, only allowing one-on-one meetings with each citizen by Hydro's representatives alone in closed chambers at Il Gabbiano restaurant. The Mayor of LaSalle, Manon Barbe conspired this meeting with Hydro refusing to insist upon a public meeting with Public input for all. Over 50 citizens asked for a public meeting & Mayor Barbe conspired this controlled one-on-one indoctrination without alternative health & safety perspectives presented.  www.refusonslescompteurs.wordpress.com Compteurs Micro-ondes with Douglas Jack, Pointe-aux-Trembles Refuse, Monika Niedbalski (coordinator) LaSalleRefuse@fastmail.fm  Francesco Moreno reported by Messager LaSalle, Pierre Boulanger, picture by Serge Boisvert.  http://www.messagerlasalle.com/Actualites/Vos-nouvelles/2013-05-03/article-3233031/Les-opposants-aux-compteurs

Hydro's microwave communicating consumption meters are not approved by Underwriters Laboratories UL or the Canadian Standards Association CSA.  Approval is required for all electrical apparatus for a number of safety issues.  The Quebec Hydro meter brand spontaneously bursts into flame depending upon loads as evidenced by the same meter brand ignition in several jurisdictions both inside & outside of homes. Hydro is cavalier in its rush to impose its microwaves on the population of Quebec. According to research at McGill University microwaves at levels much lower than those used by Hydro consumption meters cause breaks in Chromosomes & DNA.  Such DNA damage is a strong precursor to cancer, birth-defects & hundreds of immune malfunction diseases.  

There is a massive corporate move to expose everyone involuntarily to microwaves through cell phones, microwave ovens, electric, gas & water consumption meters.  This push is being supported by government legislation, supposed Public-Health bodies & institutions.  The following links provide more thorough research by health experts in the field.  Precaution will have us stop using, avoid microwave communicating devices & demand that; government finance appropriate studies by un-compromised researchers as well as debate where all can compare data from both sides of this issue. Studies below, performed over decades, show clear correlation between exposure to Microwaves, EMF & Dirty Electricity & breaks in human chromosomes, damage to DNA, carcinogenesis, damage to other indicator species & massive effects on diminished public health.

The following list of informative videos, articles & resources also touch on the aligned issue of Electro-Magnetic-Fields EMFs which have a huge impact on human bodies in our increasingly electrified worlds.

Dirty Electricity or Electro-Pollution are significant sources of body damage & discomfort as well as the above for electro-sensitive individuals who are humanity's tunnel-canaries.  Roughly 20% of populations are considered to have environmentally triggered illnesses such as asthmas, allergies & heightened responses to the assaults of body-invasive technologies.


WiFi in schools proven dangerous  http://youtu.be/KN7VetsCR2I    14.5 minutes long. Detailed knowledge by many experts presented in this 16:9 TV inquiry by Mary Garofalo's team, I watched it twice.  I've met Dr. Magda Havas from Trent University on a couple of occasions now & read the reports of a couple of the other doctors presenting.  There are several doctors & researchers presented. 

Resonance Beings of Frequency  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vb9R0x_0NQ  James Russell film is a Sensational Eye Opening Documentary that examines 60 years of scientific research

Refusons les Compteurs, séances Villeray, Lachine   www.refusonslescompteurs.wordpress.com

LACHINE CITY-HALL MEETING April 4th, 2013 (SUBTEXT IN ENGLISH)  Hydro Quebec wanted to give a presentation to reassure Lachine citizens on the deployment of their microwave meters.  The citizens were indignent from the incoherent & false Hydro & Montreal Public Health representative responses.  Hard & strong they appealed to elected council members for a moratorium. Following this Hydro indoctrination meeting, the Lachine city council voted for a moratorium on Hydro micro-wave meter installations following the lead of 14 other municipalities  having established moratoriums over the course of the last year. 

Le 4 avril dernier, Hydro-Québec espérait donner une présentation pour rassurer les citoyens de Lachine sur le déploiement des compteurs intelligents. Les citoyens ont été indignés par les réponses incohérentes et faussées des représentants d'Hydro-Québec et de la Santé Publique. C'est haut et fort qu'ils ont crié à leurs élus qu'ils désiraient un moratoire. Suite à cette séance, le conseil de ville de Lachine a voté un moratoire sur le déploiement des compteurs, emboîtant le pas aux 14 autres municipalités ayant fait de même au cours de la dernière année. 

La vidéo de la séance d'Hydro-Québec à Lachine du 4 avril est maintenant en ligne et prête à être partagée. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naId7_aRkYI   SUBTEXT IN ENGLISH Suite à cette performance désastreuse, Hydro-Québec n'accepte plus de rencontrer la population lors de séances publiques et préfère opter pour la formule "speed dating". Nous appelons "speed dating" cette nouvelle formule de relations publiques mise au point par Hydro-Québec pour rencontrer le public tout en évitant la confrontation avec des trop grandes assistances comme ce fut le cas à Lachine le 4 avril dernier.  Lors des séances de "speed dating" Hydro-Québec rencontre les "clients" un à un auprès de kiosques d'information habituellement installés dans le hall d'entrée d'un lieu public, de préférence un endroit exigüe qui ne permet pas de grands attroupements. De plus, en étirant ces événements sur une plus longue période (4 heures au lieu de 2 heures) cela qui a pour effet de diluer davantage l'assistance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiHUJYnv86I&feature=youtu.be  Séance Hydro Version 4th April 2013,  film by www.refusonslescompteurs.wordpress.com

YouTube Video: Foiling a "smart" meter on the street, San Francisco CA, You Tube (Aluminum foil or coffee can) Uses GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS made in Germany HF35C HF-ANALYSER to measure MicroWatt emissions per meter squared (eg. 13,900 µW/m2 = 1.39 µW/cm2 with 20db attenuator (changes sensitivity by a factor of 100).  Add two zeros to get power density reading in microwatts per meter squared (µW/m2).  Upper limit on read-out is 199,900 µW/m2.  Part 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL2JQ0FbgvU&feature=em-subs_digest-vrecs

WATCH PART TWO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJzBeU...Using Aluminum Screening
This "smart" meter is on the street, pumping out pulses at head-level, in a busy up-and-coming neighborhood called Dogpatch in San Francisco. Watch us cover it with foil and cut peak emissions to a tenth of the levels. A larger covering of foil would have provided greater shielding.
This is a Saturday--it is busier on the weekdays, when local businesses are operating.


Andre Fauteux, Editor La Maison du 21e siècle magazine   450 228-1555  www.maisonsaine.ca   info@maisonsaine.ca  27 May, 2013 Radio Interview of Andre by The American Queen of Green Debra Lyn Dadd  http://renseradioarchives.com/toxic_free_talk_radio/  Quebec-based, French trimestrial on healthy and sustainable housing which he founded in 1994. During the summer of 1988, Andre was a reporter for the Montreal Gazette daily. There he wrote about a little girl with leukemia whose parents were trying to raised $100,000 to pay for a bone marrow transplant in the US. Sadly, the effort failed and Danielle Hebert passed away. Moved by this, André began investigating the causes of leukemia and learned that pesticides and magnetic fields were suspected triggers. He has dedicated his career to seeking and communicating ways of preventing and fixing environmental diseases and disasters. In 1990-91, while writing for a housing weekly (Habitabec) and freelancing for a New Age magazine (Guide Ressources), he had the good fortune of discovering his mission by learning about Building Biology and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's Healthy Housing initiative. Andre will talk about electrosensitivity and why smart meters are making some people sick.

The Tommy Schnurmacher Show CJAD 15 April 2013 interviews Jon Eakes Should you be worried about Hydro Quebec's new 'smart meter'? Jon Eakes offers his take on the controversial new technology - April 15 Podcast - April 15  http://www.cjad.com/ShowsTommySchnurmarcher/Podcast.aspx



www.lessemf.com  A wide variety of emf / microwave meters.  Action You Can Take Against the Body Penetrating Effects of Electromagnetic Fields  Tel: +1-518-608-6479 

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- A Unified Theory of Weak Magnetic Field Action, Microwave News McGill University Professor Proposes Radical New Outlook September 27, 2012  Paul Héroux and his former graduate student, now postdoc, Ying Li have been counting the numbers of chromosomes in cancer cells before and after they are exposed to miniscule magnetic fields, much less than a 0.1 µT or a milligauss. The science karyology, the study of chromosomes http://microwavenews.com/news-center/unified-theory-magnetic-field-action

- Association between Exposure to Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer in Electric Utility Workers in Quebec, Canada, and France.  Authors  Benedict Armstrong, Gilles Theriault, Pascal Guenel, Jan Deadman, Marcel Goldberg & Paul Hereux.


ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE, HYDRO-QUEBEC AND ONTARIO HYDRO RELEASE A JOINT EPIDEMIOLOGIC STUDY Study on the Possible Long-Term Effects of Exposure to 50 & 60 Hertz Electric & Magnetic Fields (March 1994). The Epidemiologists’ findings, as published in an article in the American Journal of Epidemiology, are provided along with this press release.  I 1988, Electricite de France, Hydro-Quebec & Ontario-Hydro decided to launch a joint study of the potential cancer risks for their employees associated with exposure to 50 & 60 Hertz electric & magnetic field. Over 223,000 employees, 4,151 cases of cancer  detected1970 & 1989, measuring of fields for 2,066 employees over a one-week perio, epidemiologists: Dr. Gilles Theriault of McGill University (Montreal) project coordinator; Professor Marcel Goldberg of the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (Paris); & Dr. Anthony Miller U. of Toronto.


CELL TOWER REPORT  Angela Flynn, Public Health Advocate, Member, Wireless Radiation Alert Network

angelaflynn80@msn.com   Revised 11/16/2011

CELL TOWERS AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS – LIVING WITH RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION    http://emfsafetynetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/CelltowerRptdoc.pdf

Electromagnetic Fields Changes of Clinically Important Neurotransmitters under the Influence of Modulated RF Fields—A Long-term Study under Real-life Conditions Klaus Buchner & Horst Eger http://www.emfacts.com/2011/09/changes-of-clinically-important-neurotransmitters-under-the-influence-of-modulated-rf-fields-rimbach-study/   http://www.avaate.org/IMG/pdf/Rimbach-Study-20112.pdf  2011 This follow-up of 60 participants over one and a half years shows a significant effect on the adrenergic system after the installation of a new cell phone base station in the village of Rimbach (Bavaria).
After the activation of the GSM base station, the levels of the stress hormones adrenaline and noradrena- line increased significantly during the first six months; the levels of the precursor dopamine decreased substantially. The initial levels were not restored even after one and a half years. As an indicator of the dysregulated chronic imbalance of the stress system, the phenylethylamine (PEA) levels dropped signifi- cantly until the end of the study period. The effects showed a dose-response relationship and occurred well below current limits for technical RF radiation exposures. Chronic dysregulation of the catecholamine system has great relevance for health and is well known to damage human health in the long run.

Transmission of Consumption Data over Hydro (or Telephone or Videotron) electrical transmission lines both:

1)    inside the household for the rational energy use of the resident or business.  These popular plug-in units fit in household appliance receptacles

2)    outside all the way back to Hydro’s accounting office through the same electrical lines which delivered the electricity.

Dr. Magda Havas, Trent University  http://www.magdahavas.com/   information related to the subject of electromagnetic fields (EMF) that originate from our use of electricity and wireless communication technologies. The subjects we are mainly concerned with are the harmful health effects that EMFs have on human health, wildlife, and nature.

Dr. Roy Fox   http://www.cdha.nshealth.ca/environmental-health-centre/information-patients-environmental-sensitivities   Information for Patients - Environmental Sensitivities

Philosophy of Care The care team works collaboratively with the patient, their significant others and the community to manage the patient’s condition and to enable optimal independence and self-reliance for patients. Through early intervention, applied research and collaborative inquiry we actively contribute to the developing body of knowledge and are sought out as an international resource and authority. 

Wi-Fi technology – an uncontrolled global experiment on the health of mankind

Marko Markov 1 & Yuri G. Grigoriev 2   http://www.viewdocsonline.com/document/6kn1ey

1 Research International, Williamsville, NY, USA, & 

2 Russian National Committee of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, Moscow, Russia

Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, June 2013; 32(2): 200–208 Q

Informa UK Ltd ISSN 1536-8378 print/ISSN 1536-8386 online DOI: 10.3109/15368378.2013.776430

The twenty-first century is marked with exponentially increasing development of technologies that provide wireless communications. To the pollution of the atmosphere with radio and TV signals, not only satellite communications but also any varieties of the Wi-Fi networks are added. By 2010 in the USA, 285 million mobile phone subscribers have been registered (for a little bit more than 300 million inhabitants). The estimate for the world is more than 5 billion mobile phone users at approximately 7 billion people living on this planet. Approximately 2 years ago, the International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC) classified the electromagnetic fields used in mobile communication as a possible carcinogen. This paper discusses the potential health hazard and lack of scientific assessment and regulatory actions in protection of the life on the planet.  Today mankind participates in a global experiment conducted by the industry without regulation, rules and control (Grigoriev, 2012b).

Keywords: WiFi, pollution, hazard, Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields

Physicist, electrical & medical engineer Dag Radicevic is a colleague who has described to me the use of Electrical power lines for secure digital data communication over the entire transmission network from home, institutions, industry & business consumers.  Dag describes these systems as already handling data in many world jurisdictions.  I've just summarized with this description from Wikipedia.  In parallel phone lines already carrying close to 99% of data transmission & Videotron systems are already in place.  Phones are already in more than 99.999% of electrical consumer buildings.  Microwave systems malfunction frequently from the influence of other microwave sources:  police radar, cell-phones, towers etc.), ice-storms, snow-storms, sun-spots, electrical-line breakdown (microwave systems are powered by electric lines) outage & failure etc.  Solar power relays are sometimes built into microwave data communication but are fragile for. all of the above malfunctions

Telephone lines are low voltage & low power with reliable multi-sourced networked supply grids.  Telephone lines, over which 99.99% of our computer & other data are transferred, are reliable in most storms.  Electrical power line grids fail much more often than telephone grids.  Typically for highly sensitive data transmission, back-up or dual system redundancy is built into systems with overlap with other systems (eg. Videotron).  Most urban telephone transmission lines are underground & therefore apart from storms & other influences.

The many (15) Hydro employees with which I have spoken were not only unaware of electric-cable transmission technology or why Hydro would not use safe, non-invasive reliable resilient cable transmission over their existing systems without the huge infrastructure costs.  As per Hydro commissioning Bell Canada or Videotron to safely handle data transmission over their networks, all remarked that Hydro is unlikely to engage with another corporations for such a key corporate function regardless of health issues.

Hydro is perhaps Quebec province’s strongest economy developed in large part by Rene Levesque as part of his vision of a sovereign Quebec.  When the James Bay Cree won the Quebec Superior Court law suit over their right not to be flooded, Rene Levesque & white southerners simply rewrote legislation to have our way. Since this time because of loss of the deep valley indigenous trees & biospheres, precipitation has been lowered by 40% in the north.  Normally the trees including nuts, vines, fruit sustaining people & many species absorb up around 90% of solar energy converting this energy into food, matter, biological-energy & water-cycle.  Cold continent areas attained through photosynthesis, attract relatively warm moist ocean winds inland.  60% of ocean to continent water transfer is made through condensation on cold leaf & bark surfaces.  Only 40% of water transfer, falls as rain.  Lack of precipitation although predicted by the Cree & other ecologists is a huge surprise to Hydro engineering calculations for water flow through their dams, now worse than empty in drying barren river systems almost the whole year.  As weather systems are no longer drawn inland & condensation occurs on greatly reduced biosphere fractal surfaces & precipitation greatly lowered, so are northern forests consistently burning, wildlife greatly threatened with massive habitat loss & people at a total loss of livelihood.

Cable-wire transmission technologies have been developed & patented by Northern Telecom (Nortel) since 1993 now held by the Canadian government. In the USA patented technologies are held by Honeywell ITT division.  Hydro would have to pay patent royalties in order to achieve safe non-body invasive data transmission but is unwilling to do so within a larger intrigue for colonial hegemony & sovereignty.

Communications Wikipedia   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_power_transmission

Operators of long transmission lines require reliable communications for control of the power grid and, often, associated generation and distribution facilities. Fault-sensing protective relays at each end of the line must communicate to monitor the flow of power into and out of the protected line section so that faulted conductors or equipment can be quickly de-energized and the balance of the system restored. Protection of the transmission line from short circuits and other faults is usually so critical that common carrier telecommunications are insufficiently reliable, and in remote areas a common carrier may not be available. Communication systems associated with a transmission project may use:

·   Microwaves

·   Power line communication

·   Optical fibers

Rarely, and for short distances, a utility will use pilot-wires strung along the transmission line path. Leased circuits from common carriers are not preferred since availability is not under control of the electric power transmission organization.

Transmission lines can also be used to carry data: this is called power-line carrier, or PLC. PLC signals can be easily received with a radio for the long wave range.

Optical fibers can be included in the stranded conductors of a transmission line, in the overhead shield wires. These cables are known as optical ground wire (OPGW). Sometimes a standalone cable is used, all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable, attached to the transmission line cross arms.

Some jurisdictions, such as Minnesota, prohibit energy transmission companies from selling surplus communication bandwidth or acting as a telecommunications common carrier. Where the regulatory structure permits, the utility can sell capacity in extra dark fibers to a common carrier, providing another revenue stream. 

ElectricSense, Lloyd Burrell, Living a Natural Healthy Life in our Electromagnetic World.  A wide range of resources on diverse forms of Electro-pollution


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