'Religion' from the Latin 'religio' means 'to relate' implying personal / group reflection & interaction or exchange among a diversity of beliefs.  Religion does not imply church dogma, or rigidity of beliefs.  Religion is a practice in every present moment.  Like many other words 'religion' is perverted to the exact opposite of its original meaning because of control & monetary issues.

True relations are integrated into everyday living, personal awareness, multiple side-by-side clustered homes and community.  Like many practices of self-awareness and exercise, integrated relations are part of caring for ourselves and each other at all levels of being.  While one may learn a technique by going to a specialist, our role in being fully human is to re-integrate technique back into our daily lives, not to institutionalize or abstract the technique apart from daily life.

Humanity's 'indigenous' (L = 'self-generating') ancestors based society in critical mass grouping (50, 100 to 150 individuals) of individuals, families & extended families in multihome buildings.  Longhouse (apartment-like) or Pueblo (townhouse-like) held distinct private home compounds but as well specialized service access to community kitchens, child or specialized production space. Critical-mass provides a strong stepping stone by which individuals culture 'economy' to practice personal 'vision' and meaning in community service at the same as sovereignty and freedom of association.

Critical-mass 'caucusing' (Iroquois = grouping of like-interests) is equivalent to creating an intimate family based  'corporation' (L 'corps' = 'body') where the primary 'economy' (Greek 'oikos' = 'home') is mutual-aid & production.  Time-based accounting in Production Society specialties include all contributions by females / males in progressive ownership from youth to elder. 100 people interacting this way represent a decent powerful 2,000,000$ of earning & spending / year.

Worldwide indigenous people feel most proud of their ability to economically 'welcome' & include others.  The 'Haudenosaunee' (People of the extended home) and other multihome dwelling peoples of the world by grouping capacities together, also increase capacity to include all others.  This welcome is the true meaning of relations and religion. https://sites.google.com/site/indigenecommunity/relational-economy/extending-our-welcome-participatory-multi-home-cohousing

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