Laurel, Paul & Tim Entomologists.  The following service by Eco-Bug-Doctor is a testimony to understanding and working with nature around and in the home or community without toxic chemicals.  Eco-Bug-Doctor brings lasting solutions.  Their service exemplifies indigenous understandings of the relationships between the five elements sun(energy), air, water, soil and life.  The elemental hygiene, building-design, pest-control and elimination processes which Eco-Bug-Doctor has developed are applicable to home, business, industry and food-production.

"Providing the best in ecological pest control and solutions for a healthy home "

Why hire an ECO Bug Doctor?

Here at ECO Bug Doctor, we believe in providing quality services that are safe for you and the environment. We are not exterminators, and our methods differ greatly from the conventional spray and 'kill everything' approach. Our solutions target the cause of the pest problem, rather than treating just the "symptoms". Because of this, our solutions are very effective, ecological, safe for your health, and long-lasting. Engage an ECO Bug Doctor and get ecological experts trained with a deep understanding of pest problems.

  • Effective and long-lasting solutions
  • Ecolgical
  • Safe for you, your children and your pets!
  • Improve your health and the health of your home.
  • Safe your real-estate from deterioration.


"Ecological pest control is at the crossroads where the disciplines of biology, architecture and carpentry merge"

Good Knight

Good KnightTM offers a safe and ecological way to get rid of bedbugs.  Good KnightTM actively treats your bed and protects it from re-infestation, without using chemicals.  

Finally... a good night’s sleep!

Why Good KnightTM?

  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Protects your sleeping space
  • Allows you to treat your personal items
  • No chemicals needed
  • No mattress covers, and other ‘bed bug paraphernalia’ needed
  • No need to throw out your mattress or other personal items
  • Turns off automatically when treatment is complete

How does Good KnightTM work?

Good KnightTM uses patent-pending technology to treat your sleeping environment with gentle heat, maintaining temperatures known to kill all stages of the bed bug.

Free Trial the Good Knight

The Good KnightTM is currently in its beta version. Click here if you would like to free trial the Good KnightTM

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