Gandhi @ Villeneuve/English

85 years (1931 -2016) 6th December.


Mahatma Gandhi arrived in Villeneuve de Chillon 6th Decembrer 1931 et was received by the famous french philosopher - writter Romain Rolland. Both Nobel primed. Our indian guests where provided with goat milk (as told by our neighbourhood) because Ghandi only ate vegetarian food and drunk goat milk. A choir sang infront of the house where he stayed in Villeneuve, that's what the children of the singers told us. Today we can imagine him walking down the main street, called Grand-Rue with his faithfull disciple Miss Slade.....  He stayed in the "Villa Lionnette", residence of Romain Rolland's sister until he left this beautiful town to go to Italy, Thursday 10th December 1931. The weather was grey and sad except for the last day: the sun raised and he could finally appreciate of the Lake of Geneva from Villeneuve and the mountains before he left our country. 

Rabindranath Tagore, Indian Poete was also Romain Rolland's guest in 1926.  

A charming little town worthwhile visiting for it's history (1214-2014), interesting main street (Gramd-Rue)  and beautiful natural surroundings. 

Mahatma Gandhi

            Villeneuve de Chillon