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India experienced another severe earthquake shock on the afternoon of July 8th, 1918. The earthquake occurred at about ten minutes to four, IST, on the afternoon of July 8th. The shock was felt over eastern Bengal and Assam, throughout most of Burma, and felt over north-east India as far west as Lahore. Srimangal is situated in the tea-garden area, and whole valleys of tea-factories and bungalows were reported to be destroyed. GSI [Murray Sturat] estimated the origin time as 10h 21m 50s (GMT) and Epicenter 24° 15¢ N [24.25] 91° 42¢ E [91.70] with focal depth around 14 km. Engdahl & Villasenor (2002) recalculated the epicentral parameters as; Origin Time: 10h22m7.8s (UTC); epicenter: 24.81N 90.72E; magnitude Mw 7.5 and focal depth: 15 km.

Isoseist (Intensity) map prepared following the one adopted by Oldham for the 1897 earthquake. This is a simplified version of the Rossi-Forel scale

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