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Handy Websites for

Valley Information



  • General Info of the valley



  • Golfing (For information on courses in the valley including rates.) (For golf courses in the area;  bookings today, tomorrow or up to 30 days in advance.) (For free Palm Springs Golf Service: tee times, tournaments, golf packages) (This is the country club's website -not ours) - and you may click on the Golf dept. at the top of this websites tool bar to read about the golf course.  Just use this as a reference.  You can book up to ten days in advance by calling 760-347-2326. When we're in season, at check-in, we will provide you with a discount card that you will take with you to the pro shop for a discounted rate. May 1st through the summer we are at public rates.


  • Hiking and Cycling


  •  Tours (For Hiking, Jeep, or bike tours) (For a variety of tours in the valley ranging from $25 to $199 from 90 min to 4.5 hr tours.) (For open jeep Desert Adventures) (For those planning on visiting the L.A. area, see this sight for a listing of L.A. area tours.) Note: These are not our valley tours.  Only listed here for your convenience, esp. guests from out of state that do travel a few hours out of town and use us only as a home base. (Self guided tours  in a large private desert area on this company's quads.)


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