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The Era of American Unipolarity (1990-2001)

IO Naval Conflicts ‎(1990-2001)‎

Following its victories in Operation Praying Mantis, and the 1991 Gulf War, America enjoyed naval hegemony in the Persian Gulf region throughout the 1990s.  While the 1980s saw the Persian Gulf descend into a virtual shooting gallery for international shipping, 1990s was more peaceful, with many conflicts revolving around the United States’ response to Iraqi provocations of Kuwait, or violations of the Southern No-Fly Zone.  Our database records as much: During the 1980s, most conflicts were recorded as “attacks” or “clashes”, which involved militarized strikes, while in the 1990s the majority of conflicts were recorded as “shows of force”, where major military assets would be moved into strategically advantageous positions to demonstrate the willingness to fight, but no militarized strikes would actually occur.  The major exception to this occurred in the Red Sea, where Yemen and Eritrea engaged in a protracted conflict over the Hanish Islands.

Indian Ocean Naval Conflicts Data (1990-2001)

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