Tide Pool Etiquette

Indian Island is a special place where you can see some rare and unusual sea creatures just a short walk from Main Street.  Please help us take care of this unique downtown treasure.

◊ Be mindful of where you step: Rocks can be sharp, loose, or slippery.  Take care to avoid stepping on marine animals or disturbing the eelgrass meadows.

◊ Look closely: You can learn a lot by observing animals in their natural habitats without picking up or disturbing them.

◊ If you must touch, touch gently: Wet your hands first.  If an animal tries to escape, let it go.  Do not poke at animals or pry them off rocks.

◊ Leave things as you found them:  If you turn over a rock, please replace it exactly as you found it. 

◊ Know the laws:  Indian Island is a federally owned conservation area.  It is illegal to remove any animals or plants.

Thank you!

helmet crab               ochre sea star
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