Indian Island Field Research, June 12, 2010

Example Research Methods

Fish: Monthly summer seining to find out which fish species use the bay at different times of year, their abundance, and when they reproduce.
Eelgrass:  Annual surveying of eelgrass density in specially marked intertidal plots.
Algal blooms: Special buoys equipped with underwater light sensors to indicate the timing and density of algal blooms.
Sea slugs: The diversity of nudibranchs, the "butterflies of the sea," is a good indicator of total marine biodiversity (and they are beautiful!)
Crabs: More than 14 species of crabs live around Indian Island, and some are good indicators of water quality.
Plankton: Traps and settling plates in the bay capture larval animals in order to monitor their timing and abundance.
Pollution: Contaminants from runoff are measured in sediments and clams.

2010 Research Schedule

For a complete monitoring framework, survey forms and sector maps download the attachments below ("Monitoring Framework 2010" and "Monitoring 2010 Sectors"). 

2009 Research

For 2009 research results download the attachment below. ("First season data summary")


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