The following species have been observed in Fishing Bay around Indian Island. 
 Look for future updates.

Giant Leaf Worm

(Kaburakia excelsa)

     Look for:  Round, blob-like, homogenous body 
                          Gelatinous, but firm to the touch
                          Body red to black or brown, often mottled
                                 or striped
                        Small: up to 4 inches long
                        Has a band of eye spots along the entire
                                     margin.  (may not be visible)
    Abundance:  Scarce
    Habitat:  Under rocks, mid-intertidal to subtidal
    Notes:  This is a true flat worm. Gravid individuals
                            can be found in March, laying 150–160
                             golden- yellow eggs in capsules.

Pacific Peanut Worm

(Phascolosoma agassizii)

     Look for:  Trunk of body tan or dark brown, often
                                with brown or purple spots
                           4–5" long
                           Finger-like, unbranched tentacles
                           Anterior end has dark splotches and
                            streaks with 15–25 rings of small hooks.
                          Skin is rough.
     Predators: Black oystercatchers were observed
             eating this species off Vancouver Island.
      Notes: 18–24 short tentacles around mouth collect
                          detritus from  sediment. 
                Species has separate sexes that breed from
                     June to September in the San Juan Islands.
                Eggs are yellow or orange, flattened and
                         surrounded by  a thick envelope.

Scale Worm

(Polychaete worms)

     Look for:  Short, flat body
                          Small segments
                          Covered in scales or elytra
                          Can measure up to 20 cm
                          Active predator 
    Habitat:  Protected areas such as under stones

giant leaf worm

Pacific peanut worm

Phascolosoma agassizii with anterior end contracted

Polychaete worm