The following species have been observed thus far in surveys of Fishing Bay and Indian Island. 
 Look for future updates.


     Look for:  Round, blob-like, homogenous body
                        Gelatinous, but firm to the touch
                        Body red to black, often mottled or striped
                        Looks like spilt raspberry jam
                        Adheres to rocks and does not easily 
                                  come off.
     Abundance: Common
     Habitat:  On rocks, mid-intertidal
     Note:  The exact species of this ascidian has not yet
                             been determined.

White Glove Leather 
(Didemnum sp./Tridemnum sp.)

     Look for:  Encrusting compound ascidian
                         1–2 mm thick
                         Hard to the touch
                         Opaque white; may have gray speckles
     Abundance:  Common
     Habitat:  On rocks, mid-intertidal

Shiny Orange Sea Squirt 
(Cnemidocarpa finmarkiensis)

     Look for:  Solitary
                        Smooth, shiny, opaque
                        Pink to bright red
                        Two siphons visible, can be prominent
                        3–5 cm across, 2.5 cm high
     Range:  Alaska to California;  most common from Washington 
     Habitat:  Very low intertidal.  Lives on hard substrates in well-
                        circulated waters.
     Abundance:  Scarce


white glove leather with Stearn's ear shell feeding on it

shiny orange sea squirt