The following species have been observed thus  far in surveys of Fishing Bay and Indian Island. 
 Look for future updates.

Most anemones will extend their tentacles to feed when they are underwater, but will pull them inside their body when threatened or at low tide.  This can give them a very different appearance from one time to another.

  Giant Green Anemone

(Anthopleura xanthogrammica)

     Look for:  Short, stubby body with stubby tentacles
                           Uniformly green from symbiotic
                           Generally solitary or in small groups
                           Restricted to high-energy rocky
                        Large: Column up to 7 inches thick
      Diet:  Suspension feeder
      Abundance:  Scarce

 Aggregating Anemone

(Anthopleura elegantissima)

     Look for:  Smaller body with more delicate tentacles
                        Body green from symbiotic zooxanthellae
                        Tentacles may have reddish hue
                        Found in large crowded aggregations
                        Medium: Column up to 3 inches thick
     Diet:  Suspension feeder
    Abundance:  Scarce

Moonglow Anemone

(Anthopleura artemesia)

     Look for:  Seen partly buried in sand
                          Tentacles long and tapering
                          Color varies from white to pink, red,
                                 or blue
                          Upper column rough with tubercles
                        Small: Column up to 2 inches thick
     Diet:  Suspension feeder
    Abundance:  Scarce

Brooding Anemone

(Epiactis prolifera)

    Look for:  Found in rocky habitats
                         Color varies: pink, brown, orange, green 
                        Column and tentacles have radial white
                        Juveniles develop on the column of the
                        Small: Column up to 2 inches thick
     Diet:  Suspension feeder
     Abundance:  Scarce

Red Bead Anemone

(Urticina coriacea)

(also Stubby Rose Anemone, Buried Anemone)

     Look for:  Often partly buried in sand of gravel
                        Red-brown column "beaded" with
                        Column and tentacles have radial white
                        Stubby tentacles are red and gray
                        Large: Column up to 4 inches thick
     Diet:  Suspension feeder
     Abundance:  Scarce

Christmas Anemone

(Urticina crassicornis)

(or Painted Anemone)
     Look for:  Body is usually striped green and red
                          Can also be solid red, cream, or brown
                          Tentacles are often red
                          Likes to live in protected areas
                          Large: Column up to 5 inches thick
     Diet:  Suspension feeder
    Abundance:  Common

giant green anemone

aggregating anemone

moonglow anemone

brooding anemone

red bead anemone

Christmas anemone (closed)