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Northern Clingfish

(Gobiesox maeandricus)

   Only adults have been observed in Fishing Bay.
    Look for:  Compressed head
                      "Tadpole-like" body proportions
                       Smooth skin
                       Gray to brown or red coloration with chain-like 
                            dark pattern
                       Pelvic fin has evolved into a suction cup which the 
                            clingfish uses to latch onto rocks or kelp
                       The suction cup also serves as a reservoir, storing 
                            water during times of low tide
                        To 15 cm
     Diet:  Consumes small limpets, chitons and other molluscs.  The 
                    clingfish uses its suction cup as an anchor, 
prying prey
                    off rocks with its head and bottom teeth.  
    Habitat: Inhabits tidepools, intertidal and shallow subtidal areas, 
                       often hiding under rocks. 
    Range: Baja California to southeastern Alaska
    Reproduction: Occurs in early spring.  Eggs are deposited on the 
                              underside of rocks. The male tends the egg mass.  
 Note: In San Juan County, clingfish may be hunted by gopher  
snakes who enter 
tidepools to hunt.

adult clingfish