I am Swami Gulagulaananda. I would like to welcome you to the Indian Heritage site. In this site, we aim to disseminate as much information to the world about India - Her rich culture, traditions. But NO - don't think this is yet another site. We are different because we want the information to be as useful and enjoyable as possible. Our main idea is to spread the great Indian mythological stories.

There are several practices and beliefs that a lot of people feel are illogical or blind beliefs, there are several stories which are thought of as just exaggerated legends. Here, we not only tell you the wonderful stories, but also explain to you in a logical manner, the meanings of the practices. I hope you enjoy your stay on this site.

Contribute Articles and questions

If you would like to contribute any articles, stories, questions or any other information, you can do so from the Contact page. This site is primarily intended to be community development oriented, wherein we give something to the community and the community gives something to us which again goes back to the community. So, keep posting. Contribute here - Contact Us.

What is in this site?


This page has a vast repertoire of wonderful stories - truly enjoyable and entertaining, while also providing food for thought. They are interlinked to other pages, and have many stories on the same page as well. Also see the characters page for stories about any character.


This page gives reasons behind every ritual, practice and belief.


A page that has an alphabetical list of characters. Click on the letter of choice and read more about them

How this site is organised

The site has been arranged in a very hierarchical fashion with proper categories. However, due to the vast size of information, we have linked and inter-linked a lot of them to prevent repetitive display of identical information. Therefore you may get complete information and be led from one page to another by simply following the links. This has been done to make it easier for you to gather the information and make it very easy for you to understand as well. To go back from where you came from, click on the back button on your browser.

We take ownership seriously

We take ownership seriously - and to show this, we try to add references to the sources from where the information was added as far as possible. If you find that some information on this web site is identical to something found elsewhere but no reference has been made, please bring it to the notice of the administrator. You can rest assured that we will definitely give credit to contributors where it is due, and the names are always put at the bottom and some times at the top as well. Just like we respect ownership, we also expect you to do the same and ask you to quote this website along with the references while you are using the information found on this website elsewhere. We believe in your ethics.

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