Prayer Points

1) Praise GOD for who HE is, for HIS goodness and faithfulness, for HIS unending grace, for HIS mercies that never cease, for HIS abundant love because of which we can approach HIS throne of grace confidently every day, every moment to receive mercy and find grace to help us in all things on a daily basis.

2)Please pray for Bro.Venu and Sis.marthamma in India (Christava Prarthana Mandiram church) who made a decision to follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for guidance and encouragement from local church and strength to face hostile families.

3) Please pray for sis Sailashree (wife of Radhakrishna (friend of Satish Nannepaga) who is undergoing treatment for Lupus. Prayer for healing to Sis.Sailashree and strength to family members for their support. Also please pray for salvation of the family.

4)Please pray for healing for Bro.Lincon's mom as aunty is not keeping good health and brother is planning for aunty's visit to the United States in May 2015.

5)Please pray for comfort and strength for the family members of Sis.Leena Verghese as they greive the loss of sister's uncle.

6) Praise GOD for all the sisters who are blessed with the fruit of the womb including Sis.Shwetha, Sis.Sravanti, Sis.Angeline, Sis.Jyothi and Sis.Ruchi. Please pray for good health through the pregnancy period and for the blessing of a safe delivery and healthy baby. Please continue to pray for all the couples who are crying out to the LORD for this blessing.
7) Praise GOD for all those who are celebrating their birthday and/or wedding anniversary in the month of  February 2015. May our LORD continue to bless each of them is our prayer. We also praise GOD and pray for all those who are getting engaged or married in the month of February 2015.

8) Praise GOD for the Indian and Asian community of believers in the DC/MD/VA area . Please continue to pray for IFFC, TCF church, MD FMTC church, UTCFVA, AGAPE church, Zion church, YIC group and WORD of GOD church.
9) Praise GOD for the community of believers in India and all around the world who are part of our prayer group. Please remember their families too. Please continue to pray for the universal body of Christ.
10)Please continue to pray for Sanya and the team on their missions trip. Pleas pray that the LORD will guide and lead them every step of the way so that they can be effective in sharing and showing the love of Jesus Christ and HIS salvation to the people they meet, greet and interact with on the mission field and also be blessed.
11) Please continue to pray for all the missionaries, pastors, evangelists and every servant of GOD who are out on the field contributing towards the advancement of the kingdom of GOD. Please pray for good health, safety, protection, wisdom and insight into HIS Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit on each and every one of them and their families as they serve HIM faithfully. Please continue to pray for the poor, orphans, widows, the sick, homeless and people without jobs.
12) Please continue to pray for healing for Sis.Sheela(suffering from acute tendinitis in her right arm),Brother Cherubin (recovering from brain surgery),little Abigail Shthuthi(birth complications), little Manas and his brother, Chetan ( blindness), Bro.Samuel Uncle (recovering from stroke), Bro.Johnson Kanamala Uncle (acute arthritis),Sis.Sukumari Issac Paul( recovering from stroke), Emily Jim (cancer), little Elisa (infection of lungs),Bro.James(knee pain), Sis.Subhashini aunty(acute arthritis) and Bro.Janardhan Rao uncle( acute arthritis) . Please also remember family, friends and all those who are providing the care and support. Please pray for wisdom to the doctors and the medical staff.
13)Please pray for Bro.Kiran( Sis.Usha's younger brother) living in Hyderbad, India who is questioning Jesus Christ to be the ONE TRUE GOD. Please pray that the LORD will reveal HIMSELF to this young man and open the eyes of his heart to know and understand the TRUTH. Please do remember and pray for all our loved ones, dear ones, our friends and neighbors to know the LORD Jesus Christ and accept HIM as their personal Savior.
“Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.” - Isaiah 40:31