Past Award Winners

Team Awards

Indiana University Outstanding Club of the Year




 Individual Awards

Katie Laughner Rookie of the Year: This goes to the rookie who displayed a love for the sport as well as an effort to improve the club.

2011-2012: Elisabeth Bell & Lyla Medeiros
2009-2010: Kayla Whaley
2008-2009: Stephanie Klar 

2007-2008: Sarah Bradbury

2006-2007: Meg Farrell

Brittany DiSalvo Synchro Award: This goes to the individual who displays an all around love for synchronized skating.
2011-2012: Kadie O'Malley
2008-2009: Alicia Aronson

2007-2008: Lauren Glen

2006-2007: Allison Cotterman

 Most Improved: This goes to the individual who has worked hard all year to improve their individual skating.

2011-2012: Chelsea Connors
2009-2010: Leigh McDonald
2008-2009: Carli Bullis

2007-2008: Amy Farrell & Andrea Koehler

2006-2007: Andrea Koehler

Victor and Rae Ann Farrow Award: This goes to the individual who demonstrates leadership and dedication to the Synchro team and its further endeavors.

2008-2009: Rachel Mark

2007-2008: Rachel Mark

Cate Award: This goes to the skater who shows the most sportsmanship, dedication and all around love for the sport.

2011-2012: Mary Kiray
2009-2010: Lilly Pixley
2008-2009: Krystina Neuman

2007-2008: Mary Catherine Bort

2006-2007: Lizzie Millis, Katie Farrell, & Beth Dorr

2005-2006: Amanda Schacht

2004-2005: Amanda Schacht & Kristen Blodgett

Barnes-Hughes Award: The highest award is the Barnes-Hughes Award. This goes to the skater who demonstrates leadership, dedication and commitment to the team and sport as a whole.

2011-2012: Rachel Fyall
2009-2010: Ashley Whaley
2008-2009: Lizzie Millis 

2007-2008: Lizzie Millis

2006-2007: Katie Laughner
2005-2006: Katie Laughner
2004-2005: Katie Laughner

Spirit Award: This award goes to the skater who shows the most spirit for the team all season.

2011-2012: Katie Rocco
2005-2006: Hilary Sinker

Club Sports Female Athlete of the Year: This award is given to a female athlete who has excelled in their particular sport. She must have also represented Indiana University Club Sports in a positive and sportsmanlike manner.

2007-2008: Krystina Neuman

2005-2006: Katie Laughner

Advisor Awards

Outstanding Club Sports Advisor: This award is given to the Club Sports Advisor that has made positive contributions to the club sport. An individual involved with the on-going business of the club; serves as a positive role model; and advocate student development.

2008-2009: Beth Cate