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Faculty Sponsors

James Barnes & Sarah Hughes

Fred Cate

Fred H. Cate is a Distinguished Professor in the School of Law-Bloomington and director of the Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. Over the years, he has accompanied his wife Beth to figure skating competitions around the world. When not on the road, he and Beth are likely to be found at the Indianapolis Zoo, where their adopted daughter, Tombi--an African elephant--lives.

Beth Cate

Beth Cate is Associate University Counsel for Indiana University and an adjunct member of the faculty in the School for Public and Environmental Affairs. She is an avid figure skating fan, a fact that she realized was well-known when 3 dozen people showed up to her birthday party wearing Michelle Kwan masks. She often terrorizes others at the Frank Southern rink with her own skating. Most of her time away from the office and the ice is spent working with the Indianapolis Zoo; Beth is a Trustee and also volunteers on weekends caring for Tombi, the African elephant she and her husband Fred have adopted, and Tombi’s pachyderm pals.
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