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The constitution can be found in a word document by clicking below, otherwise a copy of it can be seen below. 




Constitution of Indiana University Figure Skating Club




The Indiana University Figure Skating Club will strive to give skaters the experience of being on a team and provide members leadership opportunities.  It will provide a means for team members to continue in their sport and represent their school at competitions. 


Article I: Membership

a)      Participation in the organization must be without regard to arbitrary consideration as such characteristics as: age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status.

b)      The IUFSC shall sponsor three divisions.  For participation in any division, members must consent to signing a financial contract, binding them to pay for the full year’s dues unless extenuating circumstances arise as deemed by the President.

a.       Division 1: Recreational

Membership in club is open to all students, faculty, staff and community members. 

b.      Division 2: USFSA Intercollegiate Team Competition

                                                                          i.      Members must be full time students of Indiana University and have passed or be willing to pass their Preliminary tests (rules stated in USFSA rulebook).

                                                                        ii.      Members must join or have already joined the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA).

c.       Division 3: USFSA Collegiate Synchronized Skating Team Competition

                                                                          i.      Members must be full time students of Indiana University and have passed their Juvenile moves-in-the-field test to be eligible for competition (USFSA).

                                                                        ii.      Members must be members of the USFSA.

                                                                      iii.      Membership will be determined by tryouts at the beginning of the season, as no more than 24 students will be placed on the roster, as dictated by the USFSA collegiate synchronized skating rules.  Any students not in the top 24 will still be allowed to practice with the team if they so choose, but they will not be permitted to compete.  The team members will be selected by the coaches and various club officers.

c)      Membership can be revoked if the member doesn’t abide by the set schedule, fails to pay his/her dues, or is demeaning towards other members of the club.  They will first be warned by the President and then removed by a majority vote of the Executive Officers. 

d)     Members will sign a contract at the start of the season outlining team participation, conduct rules, and binding them to their financial obligations.


Article II: University Compliance

            This organization shall comply with all Indiana University regulations and local, state, and federal laws.




Article III:  Officers

Officers must be willing to put forth the effort and time needed to complete all tasks on time and with efficiency.  Each officer will serve one-year taking office at the end of each season in April.  At the time of election a past officer may be reelected.


I.                   Executive Officers

Executive officers will form a de facto committee and will meet to coordinate activities between synchronized and intercollegiate teams, make collaborative decisions about traveling itineraries, and address any issues that may arise.


a)      President will act as the leader of the organization by overseeing the activities of other club executives and will serve as a go between for coaches, university, club members, and faculty advisors; schedule practice time; act as spokesperson for club and officers; create annual budget; schedule and prepare agendas for all officers and team meetings; communicate with USFSA representatives and organizing committees for competitions; arrange ice shows and exhibitions with local arenas; serve as advisor to all other officers and receive frequent updates about what is going on in each position; help resolve team disputes.


b)      Treasurer will learn and guide the club in abiding by all university financial policies; will keep a detailed ledger tracking all financial transactions of the club; collect and deposit dues; keep track of each member’s compliance with financial obligations; assign money for purchases; maintain annual budget; pay all team bills including but not limited to those for all apparel, ice time, hotels, travel reimbursement, and competition entry fees; work in close contact with President to ensure financial stability of the club.


c)      VP Synchronized Team will act as leader when coaches cannot attend practice; keep track of upcoming competitions, fill out, and submit entry forms; inform Treasurer of checks needed for payment of obligations at least one week prior to deadlines; make itinerary for synchronized competitions; work in conjunction with travel agent to set up carpools for synchronized competitions, designate hotel room assignments for synchronized competitions; order competition tights; work in conjunction with coaches and President to make executive decisions regarding the synchronized team. 


d)     VP Intercollegiate Team will help maintain order on the ice during intercollegiate practices; keep track of upcoming competitions, fill out, collect, and submit team’s individual entry forms; inform Treasurer of checks needed for payment of competition fees at least one week prior to deadlines; make itinerary for intercollegiate competitions; work with travel agent to set up carpools for intercollegiate competitions, designate hotel room assignments for intercollegiate competitions; work in conjunction with President to host annual competition, Hoosier Challenge, by contacting judges, booking ice time and hotel rooms, ordering medals, organizing hospitality, entry forms, and schedule of events.


e)      Secretary will record and distribute minutes from meetings; distribute a monthly calendar to members detailing all club activities; distribute a team roster and phone/email list; make sure all members have renewed USFSA memberships; keep a file with a photocopy of each team member’s USFSA card and student ID; register and renew USFSA Collegiate Club membership, Intercollegiate team membership, and Synchronized Team membership; create carpool list; keep documentation of health insurance information and emergency contacts.  The secretary will also serve as the Club Sports representative, attending all monthly meetings held by CSF and working alongside the President to ensure that all club activation requirements as given by Indiana University are promptly met before the first practice. 


II.               Directors

a)      Travel Agent will search for the best rates and book hotel rooms for all competitions—intercollegiate and synchronized; inform Treasurer of the cost of hotels at least two weeks prior to competition in order to get a check written in time; arrange plane flights or charter bus if one is needed; prepare maps and driving directions for all team members and determine carpools to competitions.


b)      Fundraising and Alumni Relations will set up fundraisers for the team throughout the season; make sure that volunteer requirements are met; keep records of alumni and email or send out periodic newsletters; update donation letter; keep track of sponsors and search for new private or business sponsors.


c)      Apparel will determine prices for apparel, get members’ orders, pick up, and distribute apparel; apparel includes all IU Figure Skating items but does not include synchronized team dresses or tights; inform Treasurer of checks needed for apparel payments at least one week prior to date needed.


d)     Webmaster will update website with current information and pictures throughout the season.


e)      Social will organize social events and collect money to cover food or activity costs.


Article IV: Advisors     

            The faculty advisors will oversee and guide executive officers in decision-making and will be available to sign required forms and support the team whenever possible.  The IU Figure Skating Team must have the support of at least one IU faculty member.


Article V: Meetings

a)      Club member meetings will be called based on necessity by an executive officer or an advisor.  Members will be informed by email or phone.


b)      The President and Vice Presidents will work together to prepare agendas for needed meetings.  Members are expected to attend and show respect to everyone at the meeting. 


c)      Attendance will be recorded at the meetings by the secretary.


d)     Executive Officers will hold meetings at least twice per semester to discuss any old or new business.


Article VI:  Nominations, Elections, Resignations or Removal of Executive Officers

a)      Elections are held at the end of the season/academic year on a yearly basis.


b)      Members will be notified at least two weeks in advance by phone/email of an upcoming election.


c)      Members can be nominated or can volunteer to be voted into office by the members of the club.


d)     Officers shall be elected into office with a simple majority affirmative vote of the quorum (quorum shall be defined as 75% of membership).


e)      Voting will be done by secret ballot.


f)       To resign, an officer must contact the President who will then set up a meeting of membership at which time the resigning officer explains to the club his/her reasons for departure. 


g)      Upon official resignation the election procedure will begin to fill the vacant position.


h)      If any member of the club wishes to remove an officer from office for valid reasons, that member may ask an executive officer to call a meeting.  At the meeting, reasons for removal may be discussed, and a vote will occur.


i)        A meeting will be called by an executive officer at which time the reasons for impeachment will be discussed and voted upon by the quorum.


Article VII:  Non-Hazing

            Hazing is strictly prohibited.  Hazing shall be defined as any conduct which subjects another person, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically to anything that may endanger, abuse, degrade, or intimidate the person as a condition of association with a group or organization regardless of the person’s consent or lack of consent. 


Article VIII:  Dues and Budgets

a)      Dues are charged by the organization based on estimated requirements for ice time, travel, competition entry fees, coach’s fees, membership compliance fees, and the amount required by each member will vary based on participation in the club.  Financial commitment contracts will be distributed, and must be signed by each member at the start of the season before the first official practice.


b)      Dues shall be collected on a quarterly, semester based, or annual time frame designated by the Treasurer at the beginning of each year. 


c)      If a member fails to pay his or her dues on time without first speaking with the Treasurer, the member will be assessed a late fee of $5 for each day the dues are overdo.  Failure to pay debts within two weeks of due date will ban the student from participation in the club until dues are paid.


d)     The Treasurer will collect and deposit dues promptly.


e)      The executive officers will create the budget at the end of the season for the upcoming season.  The budget will be revisited in August and September of the new season.  The treasurer will then manage the account over the year.  The budget will be revised on a yearly basis.


Article IX:  Finances

a)      The Treasurer will be in charge of all financial affairs.

b)      The Club will utilize a Student Organizations Account and will abide by all policies and procedures set forth by the SOA.


c)      Any leftover money not used during a season will either be carried over to the future season or will be given to our coaches as a form of reimbursement for their travel expenses.


d)     If the organization dissolves, the remaining money will be donated back to the Club Sports Federation.


Article X:  Amendments

a)      Eligible voting members will be notified of proposed amendments through team meetings.


b)      Proposed amendments will be ratified by a majority vote.


c)      Upon approval of an Amendment, the updated Constitution shall be submitted to the Division of Recreational Sports.