There are many forms to complete for State Conference. The most important is the GENERAL REGISTRATION FORM

Other forms include:

  • Individual Events Form
  • Distinguished Senior Award
  • Tech Challenge
  • STO Application
  • Hall of Fame Nominees
  • Scholarships/Audition Forms via ACCEPT'D


Registration Tips


As you prepare to register your delegates online, you should be sure you have the following information ready for each person:


  1. Name as it should appear on each person’s badge. (However you type it – that is how it will appear!)
  2. Determine if each person is a Future Thespian (not yet inducted), Thespian, Honor Thespian, National Honor Thespian, International Honor Thespian,  State Thespian Officer (STO), Troupe Director, Assistant Troupe Director, Chaperone, or Guest of the Troupe Director. Don’t forget to include your bus driver if he/she will be attending conference events. (Each troupe may also bring one theatre teacher from another school who has never attended State as a guest of Indiana Thespians – whether or not they have a Thespian Troupe at their school. We provide this to let directors who have never participated see what they could offer to their own students.)
  3. What food allergies or dietary considerations, if any, do you need to report?  (This will help us arrange food.)
  4. Do you have a nominee for the Distinguished Senior Award?  (There is a separate form, but to ensure we do not miss any nominees, we ask the name of your nominee on the general registration form.)
  5. Who is participating in the Thespian Scholarship Auditions? (Only seniors who are inducted, active Thespians and who plan on majoring in the arts or arts education in college. Must complete online GetAcceptd application by deadline.)
  6. Who is participating in the College Auditions? (Only juniors & seniors who plan on majoring in theatre or musical theatre in college. Must complete online Get Acceptd application by the deadline to audition.)
  7. What service projects have you participated in this past year? (Your efforts will be recognized.)
  8. How many entries do you have in the Individual Events competition?  (There is a separate form for registration in the IE’s and the Tech Challenge, but you will need to enter the number of IE entries for billing purposes. This is the total number of events, not the number of students. Please count carefully – this is an area that often has errors.)
  9. Do you have students running for Student Thespian Officer (STO) positions?  (There is a separate form, but again, we want to ensure we do not miss any applications!)
  10. When do you plan on arriving at the conference? (To help us plan for registration.)


Jeremy Leazenby Bruce,
Nov 12, 2018, 10:28 AM