Gibson Southern High School (Southern)

October 27

Avon High School (Indianapolis)

November 10

Munster High School (Northwest)

November 10

Bethel College (South Bend)

November 17

Maconaquah High School (Just north of Kokomo)

November 17

Brown County High School (Bloomington Area)

December 1


December 1

Anticipated Date for Registration to open for Regional Conferences is August 1.
Registration Deadlines will be established this spring.


Regional conferences will offer more than ever before for you and your students! Here is a list of what will be available at each regional conference: 

*View a variety of plays with different director visions and acting styles. This is a great teaching tool for your students.
*Hear professional feedback about the plays viewed. Get insight about what the adjudicators thought about each play.
*Bring a play of your own for adjudication and possible advancement to state conference.
*Attend workshops. Various workshop topics will be offered at each regional conference based on the specific resources available.
*Honor Troupe Presentations. Use the link below to learn more about getting your troupe recognized for all the great stuff you already do!
PLEASE READ the information below if you are interested in bringing a play to a regional conference. Some of the information is the same as in the past, but some is NEW.
1) A minimum of four plays must compete at a regional or it will not be held.
2) NEW THIS YEAR: The preferred maximum is six plays per regional location, but seven would be allowed in extreme cases. (any number of schools may observe.) 
3) NEW THIS YEAR: The anticipated number of plays advancing to state competition from each regional location is two
4) A school may only compete at one regional, but may perform at more than one for educational purposes only so long as that school is not depriving another school from competing.
5) A post-performance talk back will happen at the regional level, but not at the state level.
6) All students participating as cast or crew must register to attend the regional conference.
7) NEW TIME LIMIT: Each school will have 45 minutes (We have returned to the 45 minute time limit!) to set up, perform, and strike.
8) All deadlines, forms, and other obligations must be met to avoid loss of ranking penalties.
9) Judging and registration fees must be paid by the deadlines stated to avoid disqualification.


* To compete at a regional: Please complete LOCATION RESERVATION FORM to indicate which regional you would like to compete

* Provide proof of permission to perform (Note: There are NO title restrictions/limits, but we must have proof the publisher knows you are performing the title)

*Payment of the $75 judging fee must be received by the treasurer to secure your regional competition entry.

* REGISTER for the Regional Conference location using the REGIONAL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM.

Note: Schools on the waiting list for a regional can bump those that do not fulfill the requirements

* Competing schools who do not submit their technical forms to the regional host by the deadline will be penalized on their competition score sheets.


Play Competition Rules

1) Each school will have 45 minutes to set, perform, and strike.

2) Each school decides how much time to spend on set up, performance, and strike. For example, one school may choose to set up for 5 minutes, perform for 35 minutes, and strike for 4 minutes. That would total 44 minutes. Another school may choose to set up for 4 minutes, perform for 29 minutes, and strike in 1 minute. That would total 34 minutes. Some schools choose to get very, very close to the 45 minute limit and others choose to not get too close. The shortest I ever saw lasted a total of 18 minutes to set up, perform, and strike! Don't go over 45 minutes, not even one second, as there are stiff penalties if you do.

3) Each school may select any play they want to present, as long as they can secure permission from the publisher. Some choose one acts, some choose cuttings from full length plays, and some choose cuttings from musicals. The choice is entirely yours. REMEMBER: YOU MUST SECURE PERMISSION FROM THE PUBLISHER. Some playwrights will not allow a cutting to be performed, so make sure you know before you get too far into the process.

4) You may change your play title at any time as long as you meet the "proof of permission" deadline-- the conference registration deadline.

5) Inducted and non-Thespians are welcome as cast, crew, and observers. As long as the competing school has a Thespian Troupe charter, all students at that school are eligible.

6) The host of each location will contact you for technical information about your play. You must meet whatever deadline the host gives you for that information.

7) The number of plays that advance to state competition depend on the number of entries at each regional location.

Reserving Your Slot at a Particular Regional Location

* You will receive an electronic invoice for your $75 judging fee to be paid to Indiana Thespians soon after you have filled out the online reservation. Payment of this non-refundable fee will reserve your slot at a particular regional.

* If you do not know your title, you may be "TBA" until two weeks before the regional, but will lose your slot at that time if there is a waiting list of schools who have already submitted the fee and a title.

* All slots will be filled on a first completed basis. (registration, fee paid, title selected)

* There will be no refunds of the judging fee unless you are on a waiting list and do not get a slot at your selected regional location. Schools that decide to drop out after paying the fee will not get a refund.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

Ray Palasz

Jeremy Leazenby Bruce         

Chapter Directors, Indiana Thespians  

Educational Theatre Association