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Q: Where is the best resource for information regarding Indiana Thespian events?
A: The Indiana Thespian website or one of the Adult Executive Board Members

Q: Why was state conference changed from March to January?


A: For many years state conference conflicted with speech, show choir competitions and spring musicals.  Many, many troupes told us that they would never attend state conference if it was held in March.  Since switching to January, the number of attending troupes has doubled.



Q: Many of my drama students participate in All-State Choir which often conflicts with state conference - is there anyway they can attend both?


A: Yes!  Contact the chapter director to arrange a reduced fee for partial attendance at state conference.



Q: Where do I find copies of the various forms I need to attend regional and state conferences?


A: Click on the "Thespian Document" tab and scroll down until you find the form you want.


Q: My troupe is interested in getting more involved.  We might even want to host an event at our school - how do we do that?


A: Contact the chapter director to find out what events are available to host.



Q: How do I take students to the International Festival held in Lincoln, Nebraska each summer?


A: Go to www.schooltheater.org and locate "Thespian Festival" for specific information.  If you would like to attend with an Indiana troupe that is already going, contact the chapter director.