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Q: Where is the best resource for information regarding Indiana Thespian events?
A: The Indiana Thespian website or one of the Adult Executive Board Members


Q: Many of my drama students participate in All-State Choir which often conflicts with state conference - is there anyway they can attend both?


A: Yes!  Contact the chapter director to arrange a reduced fee for partial attendance at state conference.



Q: Where do I find copies of the various forms I need to attend regional and state conferences?


A: Click on the "Thespian Document" tab and scroll down until you find the form you want.


Q: My troupe is interested in getting more involved.  We might even want to host an event at our school - how do we do that?


A: Contact the chapter director to find out what events are available to host.



Q: How do I take students to the International Festival held in Lincoln, Nebraska each summer?


A: Go to www.schooltheater.org and locate "Thespian Festival" for specific information.  If you would like to attend with an Indiana troupe that is already going, contact the chapter director.