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For Advertising opportunity on our website please email us at Info@iawct.org

IAWCT Website Advertising Agreement Terms

  1. Each advertisement costs $30.00/month minimum of 6 months required; full payment is required before an advertisement will be posted.
  2. The advertiser receives one link to the website address and a link to one advertisement.
  3. Advertisements will be placed either left or right sidebar of website and maybe moved at our discretion.
  4. The advertiser provides all text and art work and must not exceed 120p x 120p in size 
  5. We do not create, own, or warranty advertisements provided by the advertiser
  6. Any changes to advertisement will be charged $25 per occurrence  within the 6 month period.
  7. Advertisements are intended to run on a monthly basis (30 days) and must be emailed to the Web Master by the 15th for posting at the start of the next month. Make check payable to the Indian Association of Western CT inc. & mail it to the Board along with your advertisement.
  8. Advertisements received any time other than the 15th will be posted as soon as possible and pro-rated accordingly.
  9. We retain the right to review and approve all advertisement.
  10. We carry competitive advertisement and do not offer exclusitivity, either as to entire content such as a co-branded part of the site, or as specific pages within a site.
  11. We retain the right to remove advertising a) if the advertiser fails to fulfill payment on this agreement or b) in the event that we receive notification that the advertising is claimed to infringe on the rights of a third party.
  12. We do not warranty or guarantee the performance of this site or the technology behind the site.
  13. These terms are subject to change.