Indiana Business Education Association

What is IBEA?

The Indiana Business Education Association is a professional association comprised of:



  • Business/Marketing Educators
  • Administrators
  • Teachers Educators
  • Business Leaders
  • Coordinators of Tech Prep and School-to-Work Initiatives


Members represent all levels of business education – elementary, secondary, and post-secondary and collegiate/university. Members are from both public and private education institutions.

In addition, the Indiana Business Education Association is affiliated with the North Central Business Education Association and the National Business Education Association.

The Indiana Business Education Association provides:

· A unified voice for business education
· Professional development programs for business educators
· Ongoing communication to educators to update them on trends and issues
· Two state conferences for business educators in Indiana
· Leadership development activities
· An avenue for networking among business education in schools throughout the state
· Professional growth and educational opportunities

What is the IBEA Mission?

The mission of IBEA is to promote business education as central to the development of essential life skills, career and workforce preparation and life long learning.

The IBEA consists of professional business educators in Indiana whose purpose and goals are to improve and promote business education by;

(1) expanding and improving the understanding of the values of business education to students and the community
(2) educating students and the community to the significance of business and economics in our society
(3) fostering cooperation with school, community, state and national groups concerned with a better understanding of the importance of business education to society
(4) improving the standards for teacher preparation and professional development
(5) investigating and researching issues that pertain to the advancement and improvement of business education
(6) serving as a resource for information to business education teachers and as source of information on issues involving business education.

What are the IBEA Membership Benefits?

  • Promotional Activities
  • Standards/Curriculum Development
  • Professional Standards
  • Network of Professionals and Sharing Experiences
  • Political Clout/Action/Legislature
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Access to Business Teaching Openings
  • Ability for members to Post Job Search for Business Teaching Opening
  • Job Continued Education
  • Membership Directory
  • Job Continued Professional Development
  • Forum Feature for Members