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* Please Notify an Officer of Any Announcements or Events that  You Would Like to Showcase *

Purdue University (IABT Affiliate) Related:

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Many Science Teacher Workshops and Professional Development Programs are Free or at Reduced Cost to IABT Members

Questions about Any Purdue University IABT Related Workshops or Programs can be Answered by Contacting Our IABT Affiliate and Affiliate Clericals (see Officers and Contacts)

HASTI Related:

* Plan to attend IABT Quick Hits: Presentations (Practical Ideas, Activities, Labs and Information for the Classroom), Membership Information/Registrations, and/or Door Prizes.   

* Plan to attend IABT Quicker Hits and Breakfast: Presentations, Money for Members, Mini-Grants, Officer Elections, Organization Updates, Membership Information/Registrations, and Door Prizes, etc... See HASTI Conference Schedule for Day and Times.

* If anyone would like to do a Quick Hits and/or Quicker Hits - during IABT breakfast presentation (5-10mins) please contact the current President-Elect.  Please include your name, school, and any files (ie .doc , .docx or .pdf) of the activity you wish to present.  The file(s) will be placed on Google Drive for all to view electronically (bringing handouts are optional and not necessary). Deadline for all presentation will be 1 week prior to HASTI.  If questions, please contact the current President-Elect.

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National Tropical Botanical Garden
National Tropical Botanical Garden

National Tropical Botanical Garden Workshop(s), Hawaii at www.ntbg.org

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